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When people hear that somebody is learning Japanese they often get surprised. Most of them don’t understand why to choose this complicated language for learning. In fact, it’s a big challenge that is really hard to overcome. However, there are some good reasons to learn Japanese. Let’s consider a few of them below!


Why Japanese is worth learning

learning japanese

Gateway to other Asian languages 

If you love Asian culture and want to learn some of its languages, then Japanese is a perfect option to start with. It’s one of the most difficult languages for English speakers but it can benefit them in the long run. After learning its writing system, which consists of three different types of characters, you will be able to understand some things written in Chinese. What’s more, there are grammatical similarities with Korean. 

Way to the whole new world

No matter what new language you are learning, it opens up a whole new world. You can enjoy original versions of literature, movies, music and games created in this language. By mastering Japanese, you get access to anime, manga and other media in their original form of a great quality. Speaking Japanese language means you can discover a hidden side of Japan and learn its culture on a deeper level. 

Big career opportunities 

Japan has one of the best economies in the world and it takes top positions in ratings by its GDP. There are huge Japanese multinational corporations that have branches all around the world. So if you want to obtain a well-paid position in a prestigious Japanese company or launch a start-up in Japan, you must know the language. Those who can properly communicate with potential customers, business partners and vendors have better chances to grow their business.

More good friends 

Japanese are known as very friendly but also extremely shy people. That’s why they appreciate it if others take the initiative to talk to them in their native language. It’s not necessary to go to Japan in order to make Japanese friends. You can meet them anywhere around the world, like at college or at work. 

Chance to expand your outlook 

Learning Japanese helps to understand its unique history and culture much better than just visiting the country. Besides, comparing languages is a way to understand differences and similarities between nations. By doing that you can start viewing things from another perspective and expand your outlook.


How to find time for language learning?

shin okubo tokyo

Learning a new language, especially an Asian one, requires much time. In fact, Japanese is not that simple as many other languages like Spanish and French. It’s way more complicated, so you need to spend hours every day in order to master it. But is this really possible? Actually, yes.

You can carve out a few extra hours if you turn to an essay rewriting service for help with your homework. Such services work for students, assisting them with tasks assigned at school and college. So all you need to do is just to place an order and wait for a few days or weeks until it’s done. In the meanwhile, you can enjoy learning Japanese. 


The most important learning tips 

Move step-by-step every day 

If you are really serious about learning a foreign language, you must work on it every day. It’s not enough at all to have a one-hour class per week. You should do a little bit every day because you can remember foreign words better when you are constantly using and reviewing them. A daily habit helps new words stick into your long term memory. Apart from that, getting fluent comes down to how many hours you spend on a language. You need at least several hundred hours to speak Japanese, so start working on it consistently to achieve your goal faster. 

Set deadlines for yourself 

One of the biggest difficulties faced by learners is time-management. We all are busy with a job, school or some commitments, so it’s hard to stick to a schedule every single day. But still, it’s vital to use dead time for anything you do. Discipline ensures success, so you should claw back dead time for language study. Find short gaps in your timetable where you’re not doing anything, or you’re doing something automatically and could multitask. For example, you can listen to a Japanese podcast while you’re walking a dog or driving to the office. Finding even as little as five minutes  here and there throughout the day can add up significantly. 

Consider your goals when planning the learning process

You must know for sure why you want to learn Japanese. There might be a number of good reasons but you should think about what they mean to you. In other words, what is the main goal behind them? It can be anything from watching original anime to living in Japan. You can also learn the language to make international friends or launch a business abroad.

Once you realize your main goal, plan your learning around it. Knowing what exactly you want to get in the end will help you create an effective action plan that will perfectly work for your specific needs. So if your aim is to enjoy Japanese pop culture, don’t use a business-related textbook because you’ll get bored and give up soon. In case you want to move to Japan, choose a communicative course and practice speaking as much as possible.


Final thoughts 

Life in Japan is so amazing that it inspires many people to learn Japanese. Even though it’s not an easy task, there are more and more Japanese learners among students every year. If you are one of them, you should stick to the recommendations given above. Hopefully, they will make your learning process more efficient.