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Best Burgers in Tokyo – Tokyo is one of the most culinary impressive cities in the world. With virtually every cuisine represented, you can find some of the best food here found nowhere else. Tokyo has garnered more Michelin stars than any other city in Japan, creating a highly competitive food sector with very high food standards. The Japanese are famous for taking one thing and improving it. This can be seen with the many international cuisines, often resulting in dishes tasting even better than the original.

The classic American hamburger is one example. This great American culinary export has been embraced by Japanese in a big way and like everything else, could be improved on. From the most perfect buns to the most succulent burger patties, you can find some of the most tastiest (and creative) burgers on the planet here in Tokyo. We’ve made a selection of 10 of the best burger in Tokyo that will make your mouth water!

While burgers are super delicious, so is traditional Japanese food, read all about it here.


Eight Burger’s Tokyo (Shimokitazawa)

The hip neighborhood of Shimokitazawa just got a little hipper with the opening of Eight Burger’s Tokyo just last year’s summer. The interior with its exposed brickwork and slightly industrial look, gives the store a New York vibe. The burgers found on the menu can be ordered as a single patty (135 gr.) or a double and every burger and hot sandwich menu comes with a side of french fries and coleslaw.

Each burger is topped with lots of fresh ingredients sandwiched between a tasty bun. The specialty recommendations are any of the Eight Burgers, but especially the 8 Hot Tomato Cheese Burger and the 8 Chili Cheese Burger. You can also modify your burger by adding extra toppings such as fiery Jalapeño peppers or cool avocado.

Location: 2-24-9 Kitazawa, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo


The Great Burger (Shibuya)

Looking like an American diner, this cozy burger joint is located close to Cat Street in Jingu-mae. If the charming and cozy interior isn’t inviting enough, their menu definitely will. Although it can be a bit crowded sometimes, be prepared to wait in line, just like many of the places where you know they serve good food, we assure you, the wait is absolutely worth it. These are not your regular burgers but absolute premium burgers, with that smokey charcoal grill flavor and using toppings like Gorgonzola and Jamonserrano ham.

All burgers come with a side of rustic cut fries or wedges and burgers can be further topped with a large variety of extra toppings. The menu is large (very large) with over 30 burgers alone. Aside from burgers you can also find Hot Dogs, toasted sandwiches, salads and side dishes like beer battered onion rings and chili beans with Cheddar cheese. And if that’s not enough, their drink menu is equally impressive, with a wide selection of international beers next to the many juices and yogurt drinks.

Location: 6-12-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo


Authentic (Akasaka)

This great little place in Akasaka is easy to miss as its storefront is rather unremarkable, but don’t let that fool you. This place serves one of the best burgers in Tokyo. Although most of the burgers are renditions of classic American burgers, the beef patties are in a class of their own.

The patties are made from a mix of Angus and Japanese Wagyu beef, and are the most juiciest beef patties you will ever eat. Placed on a perfectly toasted sesame bun with fresh crispy lettuce, melty cheese and a delicious sauce, we recommend you to order two at once! Recommendations are the Avocado Cheese Burger and the onion rings.

Location: 2-18-19, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo


Teddy’s Bigger Burgers (Shibuya)

This originally Hawaiian burger chain, where it’s considered one of the best on the island, has a store in Harajuku-Omotesando. Known for its big sized burgers (as they should be we believe!), you can order your beef patty in three different sizes, 120 gr, 170 gr and a heavy 240 gr. Burgers at Teddy’s are highly customizable allowing you to choose your own bun, sauce and toppings as you order.

Their beef burger features beef patties instead of buns, and for those who dare to take on the challenge, their Premium Giga Monster Burger has five thick 170 gr. beef patties and fries, and will set you back 5,300 yen. Their menu also has sizzling burger platters served with potato and for that Hawaiian flavor, try one of their many pancakes topped with fresh fruit and ice cream.

Location: 6-28-5 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo


JS Burgers Cafe (Shinjuku)

American in appearance but definitely Japanese in quality, JS Burgers Cafe offers premium gourmet burgers, with a menu that has something for everybody including vegetarians. The burgers served at JS Burgers Cafe are stacked tall because of the many toppings and ingredients and you need to have a pretty big mouth to take a good bite. The beef patties are thick and succulent and the burger selection is wide.

Tasty burgers are the BBQ Combo, the spicy avocado salsa burger and the fried chicken burger with creamy tartar sauce. Their sandwiches are equally delicious and heavily filled with ingredients and their desserts look absolutely decadent. During lunch time, the menu includes access to their salad bar which is a nice plus.

Location: 3F, 4-1-7 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


Mad Burgers (Shibuya)

Located a 10 minute walk away from Shibuya Station, this American style burger joint uses premium beef and all their beef patties are 100% beef and 100% hand made. They even make their own Canadian style bacon. On their menu you can find the standard classics but also Japanese twists like the Teriyaki Egg Cheese Burger. Toppings can be extra added and their side menu has onion rings and fries but also fried Camembert & Chips. Their milkshakes are also worth mentioning as are their thick smoothies.

Location: Takahashi Bldg. 1F, 3-2-13 Shibuya, Tokyo



This Los Angeles-based burger chain opened its first store in Shibuya just this year, April 28th. It’s use of Australian beef, which has a higher fat content and their bigger (fatter) beef patties are what set them apart from other burger joints. The selection is a bit standard but it’s all about the meat patties. In fact, the US Kingburger has a whopping 5 thick beef patties for those who need a serious challenge. Everybody who can finish this burger, gets to put their name on the Wall of Fame. Their buffalo wings can be ordered in 4 different spiciness levels and the menu also has alcoholic beverages.

Location: Tokyo MAG 7 7F, 1-23-10 Jinnan, Shibuya, Tokyo


Shake Shack Japan (Shinjuku)

Although Shake Shack is a big American chain, it opened their first Asian location just a few years ago. Using 100% all-natural Angus beef, the burgers are juicy and the buns nice and soft. The burger you have to try is the Shack Stack, which is a cheeseburger and their signature Shroom burger (with fried portobello mushroom filled with cheese!) in one (that’s 800 calories per burger, but who’s counting?). Their cheese sauce crinkle cut fries and Tokyo edition frozen custard with  black sesame puree and cocoa nibs are also highly recommended.

Location: Odakyu Southern Tower 2F Shinjuku Southern Terrace, 2-2-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya, Tokyo


Freshness Burger

Freshness Burger is a burger chain founded in Japan in 1992 and also has outlets in Hong Kong and Singapore. Their menu consists of 100% all beef burgers as well as pork-beef burgers. Like its name implies, everything is fresh and the burgers are made to order and juices are freshly squeezed. And even burgers can be healthy as they also offer low carb options.

The menu is varied and besides offerings such as the delicious Classic Cheese Burger, they also have more unusual but equally delicious burgers such as the Gyoza Burger or Peanut Butter Burger. Aside from the meat offerings, Freshness Burgers also serves vegetable options for the vegetarians out there or if you don’t feel like eating meat for a change. Freshness Burgers serves fresh healthier options than their counterparts, all for a reasonable price too.

Location: Freshness Burger locations Japan


Ain Soth Ripple (Shinjuku)

If you think only meat eaters can enjoy some of the best burgers in tokyo, you haven’t been to Ain Soth Ripple, a vegan burger joint located in Kabukicho in the Shinjuku area. Ripple, part of the Ain Soph group of 4 vegan stores, serves healthy vegan food, with Ripple being their burger joint. Their menu, while not that large, only has 4 burgers, but all are so good giving their meaty counterparts a run for their money.

The Ripple Cheese Burger, a vegan cheese burger topped with a heavy serving of fresh guacamole, deserves a shout out. The menu also has a burrito and burrito bowl, as well as macaroni and cheese which you absolutely have to try. And if you have a sweet tooth, try one of their vegan desserts.

Location: 2-46-8 Kabukicho, Shinjuku, Tokyo


BONUS: Mos Burger

No burger list is complete with one of the most well known burger chains from Japan, Mos Burger.  Using domestic beef, the patties are juicy and soft. Being a Japanese originated burger chain (and second largest fast food chain after McDonalds), Mos Burger offers a palate suiting Japanese tastes which sets this chain apart from its competitors. Their Tobikiri burgers are especially recommended.

Limited edition seasonal offerings are often found on the menu so you can always find something new at Mos Burger. Their spicy hot dogs are recommended too. Being a health conscious chain, Mos Burger also offers low carb items and has vegetarian options.

Location: Mos Burger locations Japan


Conclusion – Best Burgers in Tokyo

Best Burgers in Tokyo

While you think you may need to travel to the US to find the best burgers, some of the most delicious burger joints can be found right here in Tokyo. Using only quality meats and fresh products, one of the things that make burgers found in the capital so tasty is that they’re almost always made to order (if not, they’re probably made 5 seconds ago).

Japanese people have high quality standards when it comes to food, and burger joints make sure they meet their customers’ high demands. From the classics to uniquely tasting Japanese creations, Japanese burgers are in a class of their own!

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