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10 best beaches near Tokyo – Though Tokyo may be best known as the land of anime, neon lights, strange oddities, and a cultural hub of Japanese tradition, many travelers are surprised to find an impressive amount of beaches in and around the metropolitan area. Once you leave the crowded, busy streets of the mainland, you’ll be sure to find some enticing ocean views and activities available around the small island nation!

Listed below are 10 of the best beaches near Tokyo for all travelers to enjoy!


Odaiba Beach

Likely to be the best and most well known beach in Tokyo, Odaiba Beach is an 800-meter long stretch of man-made beach. The sand was actually brought over from the Izu Islands for those living nearer to the city to enjoy. If you’re looking for a place to dive, swim, and surf, you’ll be sad to know that such activities aren’t permitted at Odaiba Beach. The most popular activities at this beach are sightseeing the panoramic views of Tokyo from across the bay, basking in the glorious sun, and watching or interacting in beach sporting events.



Kugenuma Beach

If you’re looking for a great spot to catch some waves, Kugenuma Beach might be the perfect location for you! There’s both a surfing side and a swimming side to the beach, as well as volleyball and tennis courts that are free for all visitors to use and enjoy. The beach is generally pretty lively, as younger crowds tend to come to the area to relax and have a bit of fun. Tents are commonly set up, and there’s usually a good atmosphere of music, food, and drinks as well. Nearby huts, restaurants, bars, and clubs provide even more entertainment to those who visit!



Zaimokuza Beach


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For a beach that’s always kept as clean as possible and well maintained, Zaimokuza Beach is a picture-perfect location for people who just want to swim around in the ocean and enjoy the sand and sun. Gentle waves are perfect for swimmers of all ages, and lifeguards are posted during the summer seasons to ensure that all who visit have a safe and enjoyable experience. Zaimokuza Beach has rules and restrictions on bringing drinks or having barbecues on the sand, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with such rules before you make your plans. The nearby beach shop is the perfect place to eat, drink, rest, relax, and enjoy the free WiFi!



Zushi Beach

If you’re looking for a beach that’s not only a great place for fun in the sun, but also a scenic location with views of Enoshima Island and Mt. Fuji, then Zushi Beach is the place for you! Providing perfectly sized waves for small children to enjoy swimming (though they’re a bit too small for surfing, unfortunately), as well as lots of shops and cafes around the area, you’ll find yourself relaxing and unwinding in no time at this lovely beach! For those who prefer the dark-grey sand of volcanic beaches, Zushi Beach is a must! One of the most popular and best beach near tokyo so far!



Kujuppama Beach

Some people prefer smaller, less crowded beaches to visit, like Kujuppama Beach. Hidden away, this diamond in the rough location provides ample space for sunbathing and swimming. There are food stands and rental shops for all your beach needs, and plenty of scenic views and gorgeous sights. Many bring their own umbrellas or tents, and there’s always room for everyone despite the smaller size of this sandy area. Since the waves here are small and manageable, families often visit to give their little ones a fun, easy experience in ocean swimming! The gorgeous white, sandy beach is just the cherry on top!



Hirizo Beach


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For those who have been reading in eager anticipation for a beach with perfect spots for snorkeling, this is the one! Hirizo Beach is often referred to as the best place near Tokyo to snorkel, and never fails to show off the colorful wildlife swimming about below the surface of the waves.

Travelers can take a small boat to get to the best spots for seeing ocean life and coral, or just hang out on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sights. The beach tends to get very crowded during the summer season, and it’s recommended that you bring your own food, drink, and shade.



Kasai Kaihin Park Beach

Another beach that has a great view of Mt. Fuji is the Kasai Kaihin Park Beach. Complete with a free bbq area to cook up some tasty meals, this beach is also located next to a park to give guests the best of both worlds!

Those who visit are also pleased to note how closely the beach is located to Tokyo Disney and Disney Sea, making it a perfect place to relax after a hectic morning of rides and attractions! If you’re looking for a multifunctional location that serves many different needs, then Kasai Kaihin Park Beach is where you should head!



Atami Sun Beach

Situated conveniently close to rental shops, main roads, and a lovely marina, the Atami Sun Beach is perfectly suited for summer fun! Nearby restaurants and convenience stores are perfect for grabbing a bite to eat after swimming or for bringing food and drink right onto the sand.

The beach is quiet and peaceful, so many people come here to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of nature and the ocean. The beach can get a bit crowded during the summer season, but there’s plenty of sun and sand for all to enjoy!



Onjuku Beach

One of the better locations for surfing and barbecue, Onjuku Beach is a great spot for those who are active and have a large appetite! The waves are quite sizable, so it may not be the best place for beginner surfers, but those who know their way around a surfboard are sure to have a great time!

The beach is also great for frightful families, as the waters are jelly-fish free and the sands are kept impeccably clean! You can rent umbrellas and chairs for lounging on, or bring your own tent and accessories if you wish! Enjoy this quiet, peaceful beach however you like!



Yuigahama Beach

One of the chillest beaches to visit, Yuigahama Beach has all the right elements for a fun day out! Great wind for kite surfing, lots of local shops and eateries for food and drinks, life guards to keep everyone safe, and free showers provided for rinsing off after a bit of ocean swimming!  This clean, easily accessible beach has remained a well-kept secret hotspot for quite some time, though it seems more and more travelers are catching on! Surfers will certainly love the choice waves this beach provides!



Conclusion – Best beaches near Tokyo

Whether you want to enjoy a little fun in the sun or just relax on the sand, there are plenty of beaches near Tokyo that are perfect for everyone’s needs. Some have iconic and gorgeous views, perfect waves for surfing, strong winds for kite flying, spacious areas for picnics and barbecues, or any number of other amenities for a fun day out.

No matter what kind of activities or adventures you’re hoping to experience, you can be sure to have a memorable time at any of the best beaches near Tokyo!