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When it comes to snacks, Japan is in a league of its own. From creatively flavoured potato chips like onsen egg and takoyaki to intricately designed high-end chocolates that offer a 3D-printer-style multi-layered chocolaty experience, edible souvenirs can only be paled to a fraction of the fullness of Japan’s snack culture. If you’ve never had the opportunity (and budget) to visit Japan and experience its snack culture, fear not. Many Japanese snack subscription boxes can now transport you to Japan all the way from your living room.

In this detailed review, we’ll compare two of these popular subscription boxes, Sakuraco and Bokksu, and gain a deeper insight to the nuances that distinguish them from one another. We hope to find out the answer to the question many of us want to know: which box is the true star of the show? Which box offers a stronger snacking experience for Japan beginner or enthusiasts?

Sakuraco vs Bokksu: A Gateway to Japan’s Culinary Wonders

In the bustling world of Japanese snack subscriptions, Bokksu stands out with its unique approach, blending traditional flavors with a modern, innovative twist. It’s like a trendy fusion restaurant compared to a timeless, classic eatery.

But when you pit it against Sakuraco, the difference becomes clear. Sakuraco, with its unwavering dedication to traditional, artisanal snacks, truly captures the authentic essence of Japan. It’s like a heartwarming journey through Japan’s culinary history, making it a top pick for those who crave a genuine taste of Japanese tradition over the contemporary blends of Bokksu.
It’s like a heartwarming journey through Japan’s culinary history, making it a top pick for those who crave a genuine taste of Japanese tradition over the contemporary blends of Bokksu.

The Concept

Sakuraco is like a magical window to Japan’s authentic flavors, making you feel like you’re wandering through a local Japanese market with every box. Imagine this: each month, you get a surprise package brimming with handpicked goodies – think traditional Japanese snacks, the kind of sweet treats that remind you of a quaint shop in Kyoto, and teas that transport you to serene Japanese gardens. The heart of Sakuraco’s charm lies in its support for small, family-owned businesses. It’s not just a box of snacks; it’s a box filled with stories, traditions, and a true taste of Japan, much more than what you’d find in any regular store.

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When it comes to choosing between Sakuraco and Bokksu, pricing plays a crucial role, especially for those looking for long-term subscriptions. Sakuraco stands out as the more budget-friendly option. Their one-month subscription is priced at $37.50*, and the cost per box decreases with longer subscriptions, going down to $32.50 per month for a yearly plan. Bokksu, while offering a similar tiered pricing structure, tends to be slightly higher in cost for both short-term and long-term subscriptions. This price difference becomes more pronounced when you subscribe for longer periods, making Sakuraco an attractive choice for those seeking both quality and value.

Please note that the mentioned prices for Sakuraco exclude shipping costs. These costs can be up to $12.50 for each box, and vary based on your geographical location.



The January 2024 Sakuraco box is themed ‘Celebrate New Year’s in Hiroshima’ and showcases all the classic flavours and cuticultural beauties the region has to offer. These include the Setouchi Lemon Mochi, a refreshing mochi dessert enveloped in a tasty lemon coating, and the Setouchi Lemon Cream Cookie, a light, buttery Sakuraco a sweet bean paste. The Setouchi Hassaku Jelly comes in a rose-shaped replica of a local citrus fruit. The New Year’s Senbei wrapped in dragon-adorned packaging The traditional Taiyaki, a fish-shaped treat stuffed with sweet bean paste, with and the New Year’s Banana Baumkuchen, a twist on Hiroshima’s century-old Baumkuchen tradition. The Miso Peanut Tetra and Adzuki Tea also help add more umami tastes to the box.

Sakuraco boxes are like very fancy grab bags. They are filled with fun and familiar snacks that highlight new and exciting things. This month’s theme for Sakuraco is Valentine. You can find a full list of items in the box and more details on their website:


Why You’ll Love Japanese Subscription Boxes

Cultural Immersion

For lovers of Japan, these subscription boxes are more than just food items; they are a gateway to understanding and appreciating Japanese culture. Each snack comes with a story, often linked to regional traditions, festivals, or historical anecdotes.


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Convenience and Exploration

These boxes offer the convenience of exploring Japan’s diverse culinary landscape without leaving your home. They are perfect for those who are curious about Japanese culture but have not had the opportunity to visit the country.

Supporting Local Businesses

By subscribing to Sakuraco, consumers indirectly support small, family-run businesses in Japan, contributing to the preservation of traditional craftsmanship and culinary practices.

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Educational Aspect

Each Sakuraco box is not just a collection of snacks but an educational journey. The included booklet offers insights into the origins, ingredients, and cultural significance of each item, making the snacking experience both enlightening and enjoyable.

A Treat for the Senses

The sensory experience of unboxing a Sakuraco box is akin to a mini celebration. The aroma of the snacks, the texture of the teas, and the visual appeal of the packaging all contribute to an immersive cultural experience.

Perfect for Gifting

Given its high-quality selection and beautiful presentation, Sakuraco boxes are also perfect as gifts for anyone interested in Japanese culture or looking for a unique culinary adventure.

Why Sakuraco is our top choice

Sakuraco stands as a beautiful showcase of Japan’s culinary and cultural heritage. With its focus on traditional snacks and commitment to supporting local artisans, Sakuraco is a perfect choice for those eager to immerse themselves in authentic Japanese flavors. While Bokksu also offers a unique experience, Sakuraco distinguishes itself with its authenticity and traditional charm. These subscription boxes are a monthly celebration of Japanese culture, bringing a delightful piece of Japan straight to your doorstep, wherever you might be.

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