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What to See in Japan this Fall/Winter? 5 Best Places You Must Visit – Visiting Japan can be a truly rewarding experience as it brings you closer to nature and increases your knowledge about the rich, diverse and historical culture of the people of Japan. Be it its remarkable cuisine or captivating history, Japan has some major attractions that make it a great holiday destination.

A must-visit for tourists, this East Asian country boasts of a landscape with snowy mountains ideal for snowboarding and helicopter skiing. Apart from that, temples, shrines, parks and unique gardens do not fail to attract millions of tourists each year. Following are the top 5 tourist attractions of Japan that you must visit:


Mount Fuji

Tokyo to Mount Fuji Train

Credits: Hans-johnson

Mt Fuji is said to be truly representative of Japan. Fuji-san is recorded as the highest mountain peak of Japan, making it an iconic landmark. Also, it was declared as a World heritage by UNESCO in 2013.

Reaching a height of up to 3,776m, you would surely want to climb this peak and enjoy the sense of achievement it brings. However, it is quite a challenging climb and not for the fragile ones. Like millions of tourists who climb the peak every year, you too must enjoy viewing the sunrise; an experience you would not miss for the world!



The town of Niseko in Hokkaido is extremely popular among skiers due to its ski resort. The peaks of Mt. Niseko-Annupuri receive soft, powdery snow of more than 14m per annum.

This makes it an ideal destination for ski-lovers. Winters are usually a peak season for tourism in Japan as it gives you a chance to enjoy skiing through tons of powdery snow.

However, you will also find plenty of snow on the slopes of Niseko even in April. Also, the surrounding area is dotted with golf resorts and hot spring resorts as well. Even if you are not interested in skiing, you can enjoy a diverse cuisine and a snazzy nightlife with your friends having an amazing backdrop of blissfully white peaks.


The Peace Memorial Park of Hiroshima

Things to do in HiroshimaHiroshima has been and perhaps will, for long, associated with the horrific atom-bomb attacks on August 6,1945. Today’s Hiroshima, however, has left behind the bleak past and commemorated the victims of that attack by establishing the Peace Memorial Park.

Apart from the park, this city has several museums, memorials and monuments to explore and learn about.Millions of tourists visit this park each year and travel the city of Hiroshima which has now become a symbol of peace with its lush green cherry blossom gardens.



Attracting millions of foreigners annually, this wonderful city of Kyoto never ceases to mesmerize tourists with its ancient architecture, Shinto shrines and art galleries.Known as the hub of culture in Japan, this city has glorious temples and traditional houses made of wood that leave tourists amazed.

day 2 2 pm night 48 Hours in KyotoA visit to Kyoto also gives you the chance to try out authentic Japanese cuisine. You should also not forget to visit the Kyoto Imperial Palace which was built in 749AD; one of the most significant historical sites of Japan.

Other important tourist attractions in Kyoto include the Nijo castle as well as the Golden Pavilion. Also known as Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion is a three-story Zen temple, famous for its exteriors covered in gold-leaf.

The most fascinating attraction for tourists in the city of Kyoto is undoubtedly the Arashiyama Bamboo Grove, located in the Arashiyama mountains.A walk among rows of towering bamboo stalks can leave you pleasantly surprised and rejuvenated. An overpowering sense of serenity of the scenic beauty of the bamboo grove transports you into another world.


Daibutsu temple in Nara

The historic city of Nara is rich in culture and tradition. This pristine city houses many historical buildings which are a fine example of the ancient heritage, art and architecture of Japan.

Some of the buildings in Nara include the 7 great temples, with the Todai-ji immensely popular as it holds the magnanimous Daibutsu statue of Great Buddha; which is one of the largest bronze- sculptures in this world.



Therefore, Japan is one of the top holiday destinations of tourists worldwide due to various attractions it has to offer. Be it the magnificent mountains, glorious temples or lush green parks, Japan has several tourist attractions that can guarantee you an enjoyable vacation and priceless memories with your loved ones!

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