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If you’re longing to escape the hustle and bustle of Tokyo, why not take a hike around one or more of its 5 best trails? Then why not explore one or more of the 5 best hikes around Tokyo. From Mt Takao to Yatsugatake Mountains, there are plenty of trails that will take your breath away with their natural beauty. No matter your skill level, these five hikes have something to offer everyone. Discover what each hike has in store – from how long they last and what equipment is needed to local folklore and pet-friendly routes. Get ready for an adventure like no other as we uncover some of the most spectacular hiking spots around Tokyo.


Hike #1: Mt. Takao

Location and Accessibility

Mt. Takao is located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, Japan and can be accessed easily by train or bus from most parts of the city. The closest station is Takaosanguchi Station on the Keio Line, which is a short 10-minute walk to the trailhead.

The trek itself takes roughly two to three hours and spans a span of around four kilometers.

As you traverse the picturesque path, take in the majestic mountains and lush forests, and be on the lookout for a variety of fauna such as birds, deer, monkeys etc. Mt. Takao is also famous for its Momiji Matsuri (Autumn Leaves Festival), a must-see for people planning to have a tour of Japan in the autumn season.

Equipment Needed

It’s important that hikers bring appropriate clothing and footwear for their trek up Mt. Takao—including comfortable shoes with good grip—as well as snacks and water for energy along the way.

Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on this particular trail due to safety reasons so please leave your furry friends at home.

As far back as 1643, there have been records mentioning people visiting Mt. Takao for spiritual enlightenment. Its rich history also includes being used during World War II by Japanese troops who had set up artillery positions here in order to defend against American forces advancing towards Tokyo Bay at one point during battle time operations.

Mt. Takao is a great hike for those looking to take in the sights of Tokyo while getting some exercise, and it offers an easy-to-moderate difficulty level that will suit most hikers. Moving on from Mt. Takao, let’s explore another nearby hiking destination – Mt Mitake.

Key Takeaway: Mt. Takao is a popular hike located in the western suburbs of Tokyo, offering beautiful views and plenty of wildlife along its 4 kilometer journey. Despite being steeped in history dating back to 1643, pets are unfortunately not allowed on this trail due to safety reasons, so hikers should pack accordingly with appropriate clothing and footwear for their trek up.


Hike #2: Mt Mitake

Mt Mitake is located in the Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park just outside of Tokyo and can be accessed by taking a cable car from Mitake Station or by following a path from Musashi Itsukaichi Station. The 8-kilometer hike, which typically takes 3-4 hours to complete depending on your speed, offers breathtaking views of the mountains and forests along with various shrines and temples that line the path. As you make your way up the mountain, be sure to take in the picturesque views of the surrounding natural beauty and marvel at various shrines and temples that have been constructed along the path.

Equipment needed for this hike includes appropriate clothing and footwear for the terrain, snacks, water, sun protection (hat/sunscreen), insect repellent (mosquitoes are rampant here.), first aid kit, map/GPS device if available. Pets are not allowed on this trail so make sure to leave them at home.

The difficulty level of Mt Mitake is considered moderate to advanced depending on your fitness level but there are plenty of rest stops along the way if needed. If you’re feeling up for a challenge, why not take the opportunity to experience some local mythology while trekking Mt Mitake? There’s an old shrine dedicated to Sarutahiko Okami—the Shinto god who guided Ninigi no Mikoto down from heaven—that’s said to bring good luck upon those who visit it.

No matter what your skill level may be, Mt Mitake has something special waiting for everyone. So don’t let bugs keep you away from enjoying all that nature has in store – grab some bug spray before heading out and enjoy one of Japan’s most beautiful hikes.

Mt Mitake offers stunning views of the Tokyo skyline and is a great way to explore nature. The next hike on our list takes us to Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, where we can experience some of Japan’s most iconic scenery.

Key Takeaway: Mt Mitake offers an invigorating 8-kilometer hike, with a 3-4 hour duration and spectacular views of the nearby mountains and forests. Though it can be challenging for some hikers due to its moderate to advanced difficulty level, Mt Mitake has something special waiting for everyone: just make sure you come prepared with bug spray in tow.


Hike #3: Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park

Situated in Yamanashi Prefecture near Tokyo, Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is a beloved destination for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. It boasts some of Japan’s most stunning scenery with its iconic mountain peaks, lakes, hot springs, forests, shrines and more. The park offers various trails to fit different skill levels and interests, ranging from easy to difficult.

Train and bus links from Tokyo or Osaka make it simple to get to the park.

The range of the trek could span from 4 to 10 kms, requiring a period of 2-6 hours (excluding breaks).

What to See Along the Way

From lush greenery to breathtaking views of Mt Fuji itself there’s plenty to marvel at along these trails. You’ll also get the chance to see ancient shrines as well as local wildlife such as deer or monkeys if you’re lucky.

Equipment Needed

Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear for the hike plus snacks/water/sunscreen etc., pets are not allowed on these trails either.

Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately no pets are allowed on any of the trails within this national park.

The difficulty of the trails can differ, from those suited for novices to strenuous ones requiring expert hikers.

This region has been occupied since ancient times, so there are lots of intriguing stories to discover here. While hiking around, keep an eye out for artifacts left behind by past civilizations that may be scattered throughout the park.

Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is a great way to explore the beauty of Japan and its culture. Moving on, Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park offers another exciting opportunity for hikers looking for an adventure in Tokyo’s wilds.

Key Takeaway: Mt Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park is the perfect place for any level of hiker, boasting some spectacular scenery and a wealth of history. With easy to challenging trails available from Tokyo or Osaka by train or bus, you can enjoy a day’s hike whilst admiring ancient shrines and local wildlife – just make sure you bring appropriate clothing, snacks/water/sunscreen etc., as pets are not allowed.


Hike #4: Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park

Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park provides a refuge from the bustling city of Tokyo, with its various trails perfect for hikers at all levels. For the more experienced hikers, Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park provides a variety of trails to suit any skill level, from beginner to advanced. Most hikes are between 5 – 10 kilometers in length with an estimated time frame between 2 – 6 hours for completion (not including rest stops).

Location and Accessibility

The park is easily accessible by train or car; there are several stations nearby such as Seibu Chichibu Station or Tachikawa Station which provide direct access into the park.

Length of the Hike

Depending on your chosen trail, most hikes can take anywhere between 2 – 6 hours not including rest stops. It’s important to plan ahead so you don’t end up running out of energy before reaching your destination.

As you traverse through the verdant woodlands of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, be sure to observe the local fauna like deer, primates and avifauna. You may also come across some interesting historical sites along the way too so be sure not to miss those either.

Equipment Needed

Make sure you bring appropriate clothing and footwear for your hike plus snacks/water/sunscreen etc., depending on how long you plan on staying in the park.

Pets Allowed?

Unfortunately pets are not allowed on these trails due to their sensitive nature so please leave them at home when planning a visit here.

A range of paths are offered, from novice to pro; be sure you select one that fits your capability or else it could become more than expected.

The area has been inhabited since prehistoric times, with evidence showing settlements dating back over 8500 years ago. Legends of this enchanting locale have been passed from one era to the next, adding a unique mystique to its history.

Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is a great hike for those looking to explore the local culture and nature of Tokyo. For an even more adventurous experience, hikers can take on Yatsugatake Mountains next.

Key Takeaway: Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park is a hidden gem just outside of Tokyo, perfect for those looking to escape the city life. From the novice to the experienced, Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park offers a plethora of trails and wildlife sightings that will provide an unforgettable experience. Bring your hiking gear with you to ensure a safe and memorable experience in Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park.


Hike #5 : Yatsugatake Mountains

The Yatsugatake Mountains are a great spot for hikers of all skill levels, located in Nagano Prefecture near Tokyo. With trails ranging from beginner to advanced, there’s something for everyone. Most hikes range between 5 – 10 kilometers and take an estimated 2 – 6 hours to complete (not including rest stops).

When it comes to accessibility, the Yatsugatake Mountains offer plenty of options. You can access them by car or public transportation such as trains and buses; just make sure you plan ahead so you know where you’re going.

What will you see along the way? As you traverse the trail, be awestruck by majestic snow-capped mountains and verdant forests that encircle them, with ancient shrines and temples scattered along the way. Plus, there are several shrines and temples built along the trail over time that add an extra layer of cultural interest.

Make sure you come prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear for your hike – don’t forget snacks/water/sunscreen etc., too. Unfortunately pets aren’t allowed on these trails either. The trail you select could be of varying difficulty, based on the terrain or any changes in altitude.

Finally, if history and local lore is what interests you most then look no further than the Yatsugatake Mountains. They have been around since ancient times and still remain popular today with visitors who want to experience their beauty firsthand.



Exploring the five best hikes around Tokyo can be an exciting and rewarding experience. From Mt Takao to Yatsugatake Mountains, there is something for everyone from beginner to advanced hikers. With breathtaking views, local folklore and history attached to these trails, it’s no wonder why they are some of the most popular hiking spots in Japan. Whether you’re looking for a challenging trek or a leisurely stroll through nature, one of these 5 best hikes around Tokyo will surely satisfy your needs.

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