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Anyone who is updated with international fashion weeks would be aware of Tokyo’s status as a style hub. As spring 2021 continues, locals are flaunting playful colors to exaggerated proportions, experimental layers, tactile materials, dramatic silhouettes and clashing prints. The common theme however is a mask, naturally.

The most unique nature of Japanese trends is that it is centered around self-expression, culture, community, and taking risks. The Japanese don’t shy away from mixing and matching prints or adorning kitschy accessories. Tokyo fashion is known for its monumental interpretation of the everyday personal style. This is often reflected on the runway as well as in the Harajuku streets. The focus is more on how you put your look together than about what you’re wearing.

In this article, we have curated some trends for those looking for a bit of outfit inspiration. Through these top 5 Japanese fashion trends for 2021, give your wardrobes the seasonal refreshment it needs, and stay ahead of the game.


Silver and Metallics

This category of fashion is on a rise and making its way back from the 80s. There are several ways to make silvery styles look great on you. The key is to not go overboard. If you are a beginner to the metallic range, you should test the waters by using a touch of high shine look. Metallic cheeks, silvery eyeshadow, and sparkling hair could be a great initiator. You can later upgrade it to metallic shoes, shiny clutches, etc.

silver metallics fashion japan


A shiny metallic statement piece will add personality to your wardrobe. You can go always go for a sexy metallic top, shimmering pleated skirt, paillettes, cropped pants, or mini skirt. If you wish to balance out the glitters, you can opt for neutrals and solid basics. Go wild and adorn a metallic dress, suit, or even coat if you are daring. The end result is going to be a very strong dramatic look and is both sexy and sophisticated.

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Matrix Monochrome

We saw the interest in monochrome palettes picking up in 2020. But in the 2021 version, designers are adding a single contrast shade into the otherwise-monochrome designs to create visual intrigue. This addition of a bold shade adds a dimension of colour to the design without making it too colourful. Whether it’s textural or layered or classic colour-blocking, monochromatic style is for everyone and will always remain in trend.

While classic royal blue is the flagship unmissable colour according to the colour experts, nude shades, beige and chocolate monochrome looks have a certain timelessness to them. As for prints, opt for tennis stripes and checks for a preppy fall outline. The beauty of monochromes is that they always work.

Anything in black or white is always a good investment as you will have various pairing options and can wear them throughout the year. Monochrome also pair very well with statement jewellery or accessories.


Bold and Cozy Coatigans

A hybrid between a coat and a cardigan, the coatigan is heavier than a sweater as it is made of thick yarn but is lighter than outerwear. Even though this look was reserved for school librarians and grandmas before, it is now cooler than ever and is here to stay in the season.

These cozy full-length sweaters are this season’s selection and are unexpectedly chic. This clothing piece is often layered over colorful or patterned blouses and dresses to create an idea of matching different colors. Therefore, coatigans are multifunctional and at the same time cozy and warm.

Asymmetrical designs and unexpected pattern-blocking add a modern sensibility to this classic look.


Pop and Block

Stand out and look forward to a brighter future in 2021 by clashing rainbow hues. Make a statement look by mixing pop colors with graphic greens. The key to color blocking is to follow the “color wheel’ rule. In this wheel, the colors that lie next to each other are located on the basis of organic transition therefore, the wheel serves as the best option to form a color-blocking union.

The secret to pulling off a burst of bolder shades is to stick to simple shapes. Pair your classic shifts, pants, and pencil skirts with shades that are in the direct opposites on the color wheel. You should avoid sharp contrasts and pair shades of similar intensity levels. If each piece does not have the same amount of grunt, the final look may feel unbalanced.

The key is to pair major colors with major ones, and to mix the minor colors with minor ones. For example, pink looks amazing with orange, but the same pink in combination with light green will not paint a pretty picture.

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Bubble gum pink

Pink is a color that has dual nature, with a soft crowd-pleasing shade on one side and a powerful political punch on the other. Bubblegum pink hue is striking, bright and vibrant, and is definitely the note you would want to begin your year on. With bubble gum pink being spotted several times on the spring/summer 2021 runways of big designers like Chanel, Gucci, Cecilie Bahnsen, Molly Goddard, and MSGM, it has set itself as the most intoxicating tone of 2021.

It looks both powerful, chic, and adds a dose of fun when paired with neutrals. Designers and brands have started to deliver this goodness in the form of anything and everything. This punchier, highlighter-worthy hue has already made its way into the wardrobes of the fashion set and will be the defining shade of the upcoming season.

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