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Japan’s reputation as one of the world’s best countries for a ski holiday keeps on growing and growing.

Rightly so, as the powder here is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. And the hotels, restaurants and other holiday facilities in many of its best resorts have improved rapidly to meet world-class levels. Hokkaido, Japan’s snowy northernmost island leads the way as THE destination for your Japan ski holiday.

While Niseko is the famous name in the Hokkaido skiing world, Kiroro is the hidden gem. With a range of different activities and amenities in Kiroro, there is so much to see and do both on and off the snow, making this a must visit destination for your next winter break.


Something for Everyone

Kiroro is famous for the sheer abundance of its snow, attracting some of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders each year who come in search of bottomless powder and dreamy ski turns in the Hokkaido backcountry. What is lesser known though is just how diverse the Kiroro mountain range is and therefore how appropriate it is for groups of skiers and snowboarders with differing levels of ability.

Yu KiroroBeginner, intermediate, expert, there is something for everyone and it all funnels back in to the resort center which is completely ski-in ski-out. This makes Kiroro great for family ski holidays, where mum and dad can explore challenging ski runs while the kids learn on the more comfortable slopes.

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Lessons and Rentals

Pop the kids in a group or private lesson and watch their skiing and boarding rapidly improve as they fall in love with the snow in Kiroro. Lessons are available in English and Japanese and can be customized to suit the ability level and ambition of the guest.

Yu Kiroro

yu kiroroBut it’s not just kids who can benefit, with lessons available for skiers of any age. So if it’s your first time, grasp the basics under the guidance of an expert instructor. Or if you’re an experienced skier or boarder looking to push your skills to the next level,

Kiroro’s ski school can accommodate.

Kiroro also have you covered for rental equipment. Skis, snowboards, boots, poles, helmets, outerwear… you name it, it’s available for rent at Kiroro Resort. So save the space in your suitcase (and save some money too!) by renting when you arrive.


Food, Glorious Food

What is better in Hokkaido – the snow, or the food? Tough question!

Yu KiroroKnown as the ‘bread basket of Japan’, Hokkaido is home to some of the nation’s richest pastures, making for its tastiest meat and freshest vegetables. Beyond that, the waters surrounding Hokkaido are widely known as being the most abundant when it comes to catching fresh seafood too! Guided by the produce of Hokkaido, the chefs in Kiroro’s 20+ restaurants really are spoiled when it comes to having the best ingredients to work with. As such, be it sushi, ramen, yakiniku, Thai, Chinese, international, the list of dining options available in Kiroro goes on and on!

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Otaru – A Short Drive Away

One of Japan’s most charming portside towns is Otaru, located only a 30 minute drive from Kiroro. This traditional old town was once the trading capital of Hokkaido, a bustling metropolis of import and export. Over time, Sapporo has taken over as the business hub but Otaru has retained a lot of the charm of its glory days.

otaru japan

Credit: Jeffrey Wong

A gorgeous canal runs through the city, many old warehouses have been repurposed as bars and restaurants, the main ‘tourist’ street has countless shops selling art, souvenirs, delicacies and the town’s most famous creation, Meiji-era inspired blown-glass lamps. Also, and perhaps needless to say being a seaside town, the seafood in Otaru is amazzzing!


Yu Kiroro – Luxurious, Warm, Family Friendly

Kiroro’s best hotel is Yu Kiroro. It opened in 2019, hosting luxury holiday-makers in space, comfort and warmth. The award-winning, alpine-inspired condominium apartment hotel has a range of shared amenities such as an in-house onsen, 24 hour gym, in-house restaurant, kids and family spaces plus a ski valet service which allows guests to safely and warmly store their skis, boards and boots overnight at the slope-side exit of the hotel.

The suites themselves are stunning. Designed perfectly for shared experiences with family and friends, each suite has its own living room, full kitchen and dining space meaning that guests can entertain and share together, but also have access to the privacy and comfort which typical Japanese hotel rooms don’t often allow.

Better yet, Kiroro’s Gateway Express Gondola less than 100m from the hotel, it truly is ski-in, ski-out. Talk about convenient!

Yu Kiroro has opened up for Winter 2021/22 bookings with rate type options to suit the needs of any group and special cancellation considerations available for guests if they can’t travel due to COVID-19 – head to for more information.

Kiroro Resort also has a Sheraton hotel and a Tribute Portfolio hotel, both of which are ski-in ski-out too!

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