Top 15 Japan Instagram Accounts to Follow – Japan is a place like nowhere else. Old tradition collides with the ultra-futuristic side of Japan and the peaceful countryside with Tokyo’s buzzing streets. Wherever you are in Japan, the country’s rich cultural heritage will always be around the corner. You’ll always find a photogenic spot to shoot for your Instagram feed.

Here is our selection of the 15 favorite Japan-based Instagram accounts that you need to follow:


1. Mitsuru Wakabayashi, @mitsuru_wakabayashi

Mitsuru Wakabayashi is a photographer based in Kyoto. He likes to focus on every little detail that shows the bigger picture, literally. His feed showing an authentic Japan is what every traveler dreams of. Mitsuru’s instagram account proves that Kyoto really has nothing to envy of Tokyo. Also, if you are looking for photography tips, you should definitely follow this account!

Instagram account: @mitsuru_wakabayashi

2. Shinjiri Ono, @marutaro

If there is one Japanese Shiba Inu to follow on instagram, we would highly recommend this one! Marutaro makes Instagram a better place, over 2,5 millions people are following the adventurous daily life of this dog. If you are on the hunt for a good puppy Instagram account to liven up your feed among all those photos of your friends’ lunches or toes at the beach, then look no further!

PS: This account is related to a pet accessories shop based in Tokyo.

Instagram account: @marutaro


3. Tokyo Fashion, @tokyofashion

There is no doubt that Tokyo is one of the world’s shopping meccas. The city has numerous vibrant and unique shopping areas from the high-end to the offbeat. This instagram account is showcasing what Tokyo Street Fashion has to offer to the world! From the crazy and eccentric Harajuku Style to vintage Japanese wares, there is something for every taste!

Take a look at our article about Shopping in Tokyo and discover more about Tokyo shopping areas.

Instagram account: @tokyofashion


4. Takashi Yasui, @_tuck4

Takashi is a full-time photographer based in Tokyo. His Instagram account is a mix of sunrise and sunset pictures, reflection pictures, travel pictures, short amazing videos and pictures about his daily life in Tokyo. It’s a true gem. Follow his account and you will feel a real Tokyoite!

Instagram account: @_tuck4


5. Maya, @heavydrinker

This account is run by Maya, but we know her as @HeavyDrinker. Maya’s account features all kinds of homemade delicious (and lovely) looking Japanese food, also known as Washoku, made in her family kitchen. The account is entirely in Japanese but food is universal, isn’t it?! Plus, the fascinating beauty of the food needs absolutely no translation.

Also, if you want to learn more about the traditional Japanese food, check out our article about Washoku.

Instagram account: @heavydrinker


6. Kohji Matsubayashi, @kohji405mi16

Kohji Matsubayashi is what we nowadays call an « Insta Dad ». Kohji shares the good and the bad about his family life. If you’re looking for some good parenting advice, daily family life pictures or just a break, @Kohji405mi16 is a great account to follow.

Instagram account: @kohji405mi16


7. Japan Awaits, @japanawaits

Japan Awaits is a travel agency that offers all kind of services (travel tours all around Japan, food tours, adventurous tours, cultural tours, sport experiences, geisha experiences, etc.). Their Instagram account features the most beautiful side of Japan and gives us a glimpse of what awaits us!

Instagram account: @japanawaits


8. Kei Kinoshita, @spatialflow

Kei Konishita is a photographer based in Tokyo. Kei uses photography filters that leave a breathtakingly futuristic impression. His stunning landscapes are beautiful but it’s his portrait photos that will get you truly hooked. From super bright and ultra-modern skyscrapers to traditional Japanese alleys, there is something for every taste!

Instagram account: @spatialflow


9. Yuma Yamashita, @yuma1983

Look no further for next-level photography inspiration. Yuma Yamashita, who is also the founder of a bimonthly photography magazine in Tokyo, posts captivating and stunning pictures of Japan. Yuma’s Instagram features the perfect mix of landscape and portrait photography. The photos on his account are so clear and beautiful you’ll start to feel like you’re in Japan.

Instagram account: @yuma1983


10. Kiyomizudera, @feel_kiyomizudera

Kiyomizu-dera Temple is definitely one of our favorite temples in Kyoto and that says a lot in a city with over 1600 temples. This Instagram account is enlightening just by looking at it. @Feel_Kiyomizudera will truly make you feel like you are sitting inside the temple among the Buddhist monks. The pictures show what life in a Japanese temple looks like on a daily basis. Peaceful and meditative moments are incredibly well-captured.

Kyoto has a lot to offer, and the food in there is just amazing! Discover what are the Best Food in Kyoto.

Instagram account: @feel_kiyomizudera


11. Naomi Watanabe, @watanabenaomi703

Naomi Watanabe is a famous Japanese comedian with over 8 millions followers on Instagram. In a country where being thin is the norm, Naomi proudly shows her curves, taking down criticism and redefining the definition of beauty. And, people are loving it! Self-mockery, good mood and joie de vivre is probably the best way to describe Naomi’s Instagram account!

Instagram account: @watanabenaomi703

12. Hikaru Satoh, @hikaru__satoh

Voluptuous calm, simplicity, and nature are the adjectives that best define this Instagram account. Far from Tokyo’s buzzing streets, Hikaru Satoh takes us with her and immerses you in the Japanese countryside. Hikaru showcases Hokkaido’s unknown places and thus is sharing another face of Japan that most of visitors don’t get to see while visiting the island. Looking at Hikaru’s account is like having a peaceful poetic break.

Instagram account: @hikaru__satoh


13. Mademoiselle Yulia, @mademoiselle_yulia

Mademoiselle Yulia is a Japanese DJ, singer and music director based in Tokyo. She is also involved in the Japanese fashion scene as she made some collaborations with international brands such as Chanel, Stella McCartney, H&M, etc. Her Instagram account is all about an enviable artist life in the craziest and most eccentric city in the world!

Instagram account: @mademoiselle_yulia


14. Atsuhi Aizawa, @a_aizawa

This Instagram account is all about Mount Fuji, the most iconic Japanese landmark and symbol. The creator, Atsushi Aizawa has been hitting us with some unique and awesome photos of Mount Fuji for years, but still surprises us to this day impressing everyone with unique angles and capturing the unimaginable. If you’re amazed every time you see a picture of Mount Fuji then you should follow this account.

Instagram account: @a_aizawa

15. National Parks of Japan, @nationalpark_japan

@nationalpark_japan is an official Instagram account run by the Japanese Ministry of Environment. With over 30 National Parks spread all over the country, Japan has a lot to offer to its visitors. Follow their account for daily amazing and breathtaking pictures of Japan’s wonderful nature.

Instagram account: @nationalpark_japan

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