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Best Halal Restaurants in Osaka – Osaka is coined at one of the ultimate food destinations, and there’s no doubt about it. From the wafting aroma of mouth-watering street food to luxurious restaurants fit for a king, Osaka is a foodie paradise!

Just imagine, after an enthralling day of exploring Osaka castle and rocketing through the air on the stomach-dropping rides at Universal Studios Japan, stop by a humble little restaurant for the most authentic Japanese food you’ll ever have! If you’re looking for Halal options, no need to fret, there are tons of them in this bustling city.

Here’s a list of 8 awesome halal restaurants in Osaka, from Japanese staples like okonomiyaki to Javanese food!


Chibo Diversity

Dating back to over 45 years ago, Chibo is known across Japan for its superb okonomiyaki. With 70 shops all over Japan, this popular chain restaurant is now the first to offer a Muslim friendly menu! What’s great about Chibo is that your meal gets cooked and served up by their experienced chefs on the Teppan right in front of you.

If you decide to stop by, be sure to try out their specialty, Chiboyaki, or other favorite dishes like Yakisoba and Teppanyaki. A major plus point is the private prayer space catered specially for Muslim guests.




The best way to recharge after an exhausting flight is with a refreshing bowl of hand-made soba. Shake off your nasty jetlag at Sojibo with chilled soba served up on a bamboo tray or in a hot broth.

Located in Kansai International Airport, Sojibo is one of the three halal Japanese restaurants you can find here. A really cool fact about this restaurant is they provide you your very own fresh wasabi stick for you to grind on your own, adding an extra kick to the entire experience!

The soba comes along with sides to choose from like grated karami daikon, yam, duck or shrimp tempura to make sure you leave full and satisfied.




If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the streets of Dontonburi, you would’ve noticed the giant octopus displays, announcing the presence of piping hot Takoyaki balls. Satisfy your cravings at Matsuri, a popular halal restaurant that sells all of Japan’s favorites, from takoyaki to okonomiyaki and affordable ramen too.

The restaurant emphasizes on freshness and does not serve any pre-chilled or pre-cooked food, so you can be sure you’ll be getting only the best. Additionally, you can even try out takoyaki making for yourself too! Remember to stop by their little shop where you can get your hands-on Muslim-friendly instant food. A prayer space is also available.



Halal Kobe Beef Nagomi

Kobe beef is known worldwide for its exquisite flavour, tenderness and marbling. Where better to savour this delicacy than in Japan itself! Halal Kobe Beef Nagomi is the place to go if you’re looking to have a taste of this melt-in-your-mouth dish. This extremely popular restaurant is raved by Muslims looking for a filling meal and is always sold out.

The restaurant is decorated traditionally Japanese and you can enjoy your meal in a private room on tatami mats. Allow the friendly owner of Halal Kobe Beef Nagomi, Mr. Nakatani to guide you on the experience and respond to any questions you may have. Not to mention, there is a prayer room as well.



Minokichi Shinsaibashi

A giant spread of different Japanese dishes, beautifully decorated and displayed, making it a feast for both your stomach and your eyes! That’s exactly what kaiseki is, a beautiful Kyoto traditional cuisine.

Established way back in 1716, Minokichi Shinsaibashi was originally a vegetarian restaurant and now prepares stunning halal kaiseki cuisine. Expect an assortment of tempura, fish, vegetables, noodles and more that is sure to leave you feeling refueled and ready for your next adventure. Do take note that although they are alcohol and pork free, the restaurant is yet to be halal certified.



Ramen Honolu

Slurping up a heavenly bowl of steamy hot ramen is the perfect indicator that you’re in Japan. However, most ramen is often served with pork or pork broth, making it a bit of a challenge to find authentic halal ramen.

Not to worry, Ramen Honolu is located in the heart of Osaka and whips up amazing bowls of fresh ramen. Ramen Honolu is raved for their elastic and smooth noodles as well as their full-flavored broth that certainly packs a umami punch. Aside from their iconic ramen, the restaurant also offers plenty of other dishes like curry rice, fried chicken, gyoza and more!



Cafe Bintang (Javanese)

Though one can never really get tired of Japanese food, it’s always a good idea to switch it up a little. If you’re craving for a taste of South-East Asia, swing by Cafe Bintang, a Halal restaurant specialising in yummy Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine!

The restaurant is Muslim-owned and is the only place in the Minami region where you can find indigenous Javanese food. The menu may be a little mind boggling due to the wide variety of Indonesian classics like bakso, satay and gado-gado, but the classic Nasi Goreng is always a fool-proof option. Cafe Bintang also caters bentos for easy take-out meals and has a prayer room as well.




As a Muslim, finding worthy eats in Japan may seem intimidating, but we hope this list makes enjoying Japan a little less daunting. With these 7 restaurants spanning from Japanese classics like ramen and takoyaki to flavours from across the South China sea, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

What are you waiting for? Head out into the spirited streets of Osaka and fill up on these delicious Halal friendly fares and let us know what you think! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest for more fun stuff! See you again next time!

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