Japanese Culture

Japanese Culture - Discover The Unique Traditions And Customs Of Japan It could take a few lifetimes to fully dive into and experience Japanese culture and with that, you will still never fully understand it. Don’t let that stop you from trying though! Japanese society is incredibly complex and deep, with thousands of years of culture and history behind their social conventions and society. Let us break down some of the most interesting and worth while aspects of Japanese society that can not only help you while you are here, but overall make living in Japan a much more fun and worthwhile experience. Japanese Culture - A rich history While you are in Japan and technically everything here is Japanese culture, we will help you find some of the awesome cultural heritage events like tea ceremonies, taiko and kabuki theater. These experiences are a great way to experience ancient Japanese culture and get a sense of where this society got it’s roots. Japan has more world heritage sites than almost any country in the world, so you’ll have no shortage of uniquely Japanese traditional experiences. Follow this guide to see what is going on in the way of Japanese people! We will bring you updates on the best matsuris (Japanese festivals), ryokans (traditional Japanese Inn), sports, music, film and historical aspects like Geisha and Samurai. Japanese Culture - The modern times In addition to the historical cultural points we will try to breakdown the current and contemporary parts of Japanese society. One of the most unique aspects of the culture in Japan is how they progress while still preserving the traditional and historical ways of old. You can, often times, be walking through a deep cut of the city and come across an almost eerily quite and completely zen shrine or even temple. It is these kind of aspects of Japanese culture that truly make these experiences unique. So follow this guide to dive into the endless rabbit hole of Japanese culture.

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