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Can you really call yourself a manga fan if you don’t have a few Japanese weapons in your collection? These solid and beautiful pieces are the trademarks of many action manga series, so get a few of your own and start a personal collection. As a first-time buyer, however, you may face some difficulty choosing the best weapon. Here, you will find a list of the top 10 weapons you should consider.


The Best Japanese Weapons for Your Collection

If you’ve ever watched manga, you’ve probably heard of the katana, odachi, and tachi. However, there are many weapons in the industry other than swords. These include the Japanese spear, yari, and tessen, the war fan. In this article you will find details about some of the best weapons for a manga lover’s collections. Some are used along with other weapons, while others are more formidable on their own for combat and war.


Yari, the Elegant Spear

Your collection should not just have swords and war fans; it should also have a spear. The yari is a traditional Japanese spear that used to be a must-have in a samurai’s arsenal. It is a powerful weapon used for strategic battles. The warrior usually uses the yari when the opponent is too far to slay with a sword. With good aim, a samurai warrior can use the yari to pierce into the heart of the opponent without risking their safety. However, the yari isn’t an ideal weapon for close-quarter action.


Tachi, the Great Sword

The tachi is another great sword similar to the odachi in size and elegance. It is one of the oldest handmade Japanese swords, as it also predates the katana. The tachi has a long grip and a slightly curved blade. These features make it the perfect sword to wield while moving on horseback. Most manga series with the tachi usually depict the sword in a historical Japanese setting for samurais.


Katana, the Classic Sword

katana sword

Real japanese samurai sword and sheath on wooden board

When it comes to popularity, no other manga sword comes close to the katana. It is a single-edge curved sword with a long grip and elegant appearance. Katanas are usually associated with Japanese samurais and are the chosen weapon of many manga characters. The katana is the embodiment of strength and grace, so it’s not a surprise that characters like Himura Kenshin, Zaraki Kenpachi, Atomic Samurai, and Sakata Gintoki use katanas. Check right here for some of the best katana swords in the market.


Wakizashi, the Katana’s Little Brother

Avid fans of the katana have all heard of the wakizashi. It is a short sword often called the little brother of the katana because most samurais use a wakizashi along with a katana. Since it is only 12 to 24 inches long, the wakizashi is easy to carry and flexible for warriors. Manga characters usually use the wakizashi during close-quarter combat like duels. When used with the katana, the samurai usually holds the wakizashi on the left hand.


Ninjato, a Nina’s Choice

If you love ninja-themed manga and anime series, you will want to add the ninjato sword to your collection. It is a straight-blade sword that is easy to conceal and practical during sudden upfront confrontations. The entire sword is usually 30 to 60 cm long, and it has a square guard. It is considered a short sword. Using a ninjato shows that you are an agile warrior with an aura of mystery.


Consider Tanto, a Short Sword

An inexperienced person may mistake a tanto for a dagger because it is short and portable. The sword is usually 6-12 inches long, making it perfect for one-on-one close-quarter combat. Manga characters on stealth missions are the most likely users of the tanto sword. If you have an assassin manga you like, check out their sword and find out if it’s a tanto. It will make a sharp and dangerous addition to your collection.


Odachi, the Great Sword

Have you ever heard the reference “greatsword”? It is a common term used to refer to large swords. In Japanese sword-making, the odachi qualifies as a greatsword due to its enormous size. Only big and highly skilled warriors can handle the odachi, as it is five to six feet long. It would be best if you used both hands to wield it, and it is an ideal option for epic battles. The odachi is a statement piece that says a lot about your bravery and strength as a warrior.


Uchigatana for Close-quarter Combat

This sword is another excellent option for manga lovers. It looks like a katana but has a thinner design. The lightweight sword is ideal for skillful warriors who take precise strikes when facing opponents. It also makes it an excellent option for close-quarter sword fights. A typical example of the Uchigatana in action is in the Japanese video game Touken Ranbu. The five starter swords in Touken Ranbu are all Uchigatana.


Tessen, a War Fan

The tessen isn’t a sword, but it’s a fantastic weapon that often comes in handy during fight scenes in manga series. It is a war fan that literally looks like a folding fan with sharp edges. The handle is made of bamboo but the fan itself is iron plated. A warrior should always have a tessen hidden in their clothing for special occasions. If you suddenly lose your sword, you can use your tessen as a backup to do some damage to the enemy.


Nagamaki, the Long Sword

While many Japanese swords look similar, with minor differences, the nagamaki is unique. It has a long, thick blade and a hilt wrapped in cord. The nagamaki allows the warrior to perform versatile and powerful moves during fights. Despite its length and blade thickness, the manga sword is relatively lightweight. However, it is not as common as the katana and odachi among manga characters.
The list above contains a few of the most popular weapons in traditional Japan, but not all of them. Despite technological advancements and innovation over the years, these weapons have remained an integral part of the country’s culture. They are also chosen weapons for manga and anime characters, which makes them a global sensation. Ensure you buy from a reliable supplier to avoid getting ripped off or overpaying for a low-quality product.

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