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Japan is the country that is on every bucket list for college students and that’s not because of a lack of reasons. The culture of Japan can bring the West into the spotlight as J-pop and animation have become well-known. There’s a lot to do in Japan: Mount Fuji, Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion, Shibuya crossing… But, Japan has also become an incredibly diverse location with a tragic past of Fukushima and Hiroshima, which can tell modern society about the horrors of war. It’s a great option to travel abroad for students at universities. Japan is a fantastic destination with programs designed to aid students in improving their academic performance.

The three major travel expenses include accommodation, transportation, and food. Besides, many additional costs include admission to museums, souvenirs, and other things. Suppose you’ve got the basic costs well-organized. In that case, you might be able to save money for more expenses, so it’s essential to understand how to do this.



Japan has a vibrant group of hostels. Hostels can be the most affordable option for students traveling independently or with a group of buddies. The Hostel environment offers guests numerous opportunities to make new friends and meet with other students.

ryokan mugen kyoto

For instance, Kyoto Hostels are offered to start at ¥1500 for the entire stay. This is considerably less expensive than the other lodging options. Similar rates are available in Tokyo and other cities as well.

Another option could be CouchSurfing. It is a social networking site for hospitality created in 2003. It boasts more than 31,000 hosts across Tokyo and around 3,400 hosts in Kyoto. Locals from all over Japan welcome the guests. Sometimes hosts help guests navigate the region or offer valuable suggestions for making the experience pleasant. 



The system of transport within Japan is pricey, particularly taxis. Public transportation which comprises trains and buses tends to be punctual and thought to offer the most pleasant means of travel. However, Japanese bullet trains are costly. A ticket to travel by express train from Tokyo to Kyoto is about 26,000 yen. Evening buses can transport passengers between Tokyo and Kyoto for about 6,000 to 6,000 dollars. It takes only a couple of hours to get to Kyoto.

Train Etiquette in Japan

Furthermore, an option to use the Japan Bus Pass permits students to travel across Japan on buses for just a few dollars. The three-day travel pass can be used from Monday to Friday and is priced at 10,000 Yuan. The seven-day unlimited travel pass which runs from Monday through Thursday is 15000 Yuan.



Wherever you’re headed, Japan has a wide range of restaurants. Look for food stalls and convenience stores in the streets of informal establishments. They offer special discounts on dinners and lunches that allow students to enjoy delicious meals and manage their budgets for travel on their trips.

Many activities are accessible in terms of costs including museums, parks, and tour guides. Although Japan isn’t the cheapest holiday destination, there are ways to lower costs as shown in this article.


Tips for Students 

Student travel is not without its difficulties. However, the staff members of our team have experienced the same and are keen to share their own experiences. Here are their top suggestions for students planning to travel abroad.


Don’t Let Finances Hold You Back

Travelling (like many other positive things) is costly. However, studying abroad or going on a gap year may cost you less than you imagine. You could even cover your travel expenses by negotiating with your school to complete your studies on your own timetable or making your own studies.


Take Control of Your Education

Don’t let yourself be uninterested in the experience of living at home. You can be more influential in conducting your studies and experience far more than you can imagine. The choice of how you learn and the subject that you’ll be studying is entirely yours. The difference between those who wish to travel and those who choose to travel is a choice. You can also ask for help and order any academic work from StudyCrumb when you travel. They will do anything for you while you can enjoy Japan.


Speak to Someone Who Has Experienced Such Trips

If you’re not sure the best way to proceed or need some help, get in touch with someone who’s been a participant in trips abroad. A majority of studies abroad programs offer the chance for students to meet the previous participa nts. Another option is to connect with friends or relatives who have been to your destination and have had this kind of experience.


Meet People in the Region

Particularly when traveling with groups to famous destinations, it’s easy to get together with other American students. However, it’s not the most efficient method. Interacting with locals may bring significant advantages in learning more about the area’s culture and knowledge.


Final Thought

Things to do in Tokyo Shibuya

There are many methods to become familiar with Japanese culture without spending a fortune. If you’re looking to stick to an affordable budget, you’ll have to do some research. How do you plan a fantastic trip to Japan? The three main expenses for travel are accommodations, transportation, and meals. There are more other costs not covered in the list. These include tickets to shows, souvenirs, admissions to museums, and bar tabs but they’re unneeded expenses. The savings you make on the essentials could be used for more extravagant items.