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Japanese gaming culture is, to say at least, a fascinating one. Getting late in the technological advance train, Japan seemed to learn how to run before learning how to walk. So now you can find all the best and most unique games all around the country, from the classic arcades and modern console games, to the futuristic virtual reality games. Japan easily took the forefront of gaming and has held that throne for decades now. Among the most popular games you can find fighting games, casino games adorned with casino bonus, strategy games, role playing and so on, not to mention some of the most innovative and entertaining video games ever.


The ‘otaku’ concept – are you the one?

There is no possible way that you ever played in Japan (or any Japanese game wherever you are) without being introduced with the term “otaku”. “Otaku” is a word that describes someone  obsessed with a hobby or activity related to anime, manga or video games. Apparently, it is an honor to become “otaku” because that means that you get to be an expert with high knowledge about certain subjects concerning games, anime or manga. With this badge of honor, you are free to visit conventions and online forums and share your knowledge and discuss it. The otaku concept has been embraced by many not only in Japan, and gamers are holding great pride in that. Now you can find many subcultures of gaming and a lot of experts among them, like cosplaying or figure collecting.


Giving players unique and interesting experience

Japanese games have a unique and recognizable brand, combined of traditional and modern gaming styles which makes it mesmerizing for the whole world, not just Japan. Unlike Western countries where game developers tend to focus on just one genre like action or first person shootings, Japanese developers like to explore life simulators and visual novels. Many agree that this is more creative and interesting since it helps in giving players a truly interesting experience. Everyone like to try something completely different from time to time.


The thrill of gaming tournaments

Are you truly a gamer if you never participated in any gaming tournament? In Japan, you have the opportunity to visit such events like EVO Japan and Tokyo Game Show where you can find some of the best players from all over the world. And you can compete in a variety of different games, while at the same time meeting like-minded people and finding new friends. These tournaments are the best place to celebrate gaming culture and meet other otakus. And what better time and place to see exclusive content about upcoming games and new hardware releases?


The impact of popular Japanese video games on the global audience

Japanese video games had a major impact on the global audience. Many games were first released in Japan before going to other countries, not to mention other media inspired by games, such as movies, TV shows, books, conventions. Players recognized the unique and innovative content and spread the word, which resulted in more players and more people being interested in Japanese culture and language.  Nowadays you can probably uncover plenty of interesting stories about history and development of popular trends.

What more to say than that the world of Japanese gaming culture is an exciting and fascinating one, worthy of exploration.