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Anyone who has been a student knows that college life can be a constant struggle between the feeling that you only get to live once and the need to save money. And for students, the battle against temptation is especially difficult, because a busy, dynamic life and endless entertainment opportunities make it hard to save money.

At the same time, all students love to travel and dream of visiting every country. Japan is one of the most popular countries among students. It is impossible to find more exciting places on earth. Traveling for a student is not easy, and not only financially. Every student has to tailor their trips to the academic semester. You can get so caught up in planning a trip that you completely forget about your academic work. Don’t panic because you can hire someone to write a paper for you online. Choose only a professional paper writing service to do this. Specify the requirements for the assignment on the website and you will get a perfectly written paper in a short time.

How to travel cheaply in Japan if you are a student? When going on a trip, we always plan how much money we need to make our tour comfortable. We will try to tell you in this post what you need to do to make you feel at ease even in Japan on a small budget.

Review the ticket deals of all the airline operators to Japan that are available online. That way you’ll get a good idea of the price; generally, a higher ticket price implies a higher level of service. But you have to see for yourself.

Compare the different sites, choose what suits you best, and go!

Japan is quite far from Europe by geography, so if you have time you can stop in another country (for example in China) during your flight to Japan. In this case, your trip will not be tedious and monotonous.

In addition, under these circumstances, you can save on the cost of tickets in the range of about 100 euros.


How to travel cheaply in Japan: modes of transport

The most practical mode of transport in Japan for foreigners is the J-Rail Pass.

jr pass japan

There are others, such as Kansai – to travel to Kyoto, Osaka, Kobe, and Nara. Himeji Sanyo – to get to the western part of the island of Honshu, the area from Osaka to Nagaoka in northern Kyushu, Kyushu – allows you to travel throughout the island of Kyushu, Hokkaido – pass through the northernmost part of Japan.

The J-Rail Pass is a 1, 2, or 3-week package to get on this JR (Japan Railways) transportation line, you can take the line train to Tokyo. Using this mode of transportation, you can make an unlimited number of trips throughout Japan.

For example, the J-Rail Pass for 1 week for an adult (2nd class) costs ¥29 650 (€211); the Ticket Tokyo – Kyoto: ¥15 700 (€111).


How to travel cheaply in Japan and what to see almost for free

If you’re young and carefree, we suggest you check out Tokyo’s youth neighborhood Shibuya, also Shinjuku (a huge area with a Tokyo atmosphere), Asakusa (temple and monument neighborhoods), or Roppongi (an area popular with tourists and foreigners for nighttime fun and strolls).

Shibuya Shopping Crossing

Credits: Benny Ang

Tokyo is quite a big city, so to get to know it well you need to stay there long enough.

Outside of Tokyo, you can travel along the classic route: Mount Fuji (Fuji-San), Kyoto (the city and its surroundings will introduce you to traditional Japan), and Nara (one of the historic provinces of Japan).


Where to stay cheaply in Japan

In Japan, to find accommodation, you must also use all sorts of sites that offer services to find and book accommodation for all tastes. If we are talking about a cheap trip to Japan, it is worth visiting a website offering cheap accommodation – This site offers a variety of rooms in terms of cost, there is cheap accommodation in Japan.

Capsule Hotel J Garden Shin-Osaka2

The youth hostel is cheaper than the usual inexpensive hotel. You can also take advantage of the so-called hotels-capsules of Japan, which are also quite affordable.

Whether it’s a gourmet restaurant, a pub, or a night of karaoke, the possibilities for entertainment in Tokyo are endless. Keep in mind, that this part of Japanese culture can empty your wallet so quickly that you won’t even know it’s there. So we recommend you look in advance at the budget institutions in the city you plan to visit. Read Internet reviews and talk to those who have already been to Japan. If you have friends in Japan, you are in luck. They can probably tell you good places to eat. And if you are having trouble with your studies and can’t spare enough time to plan your trip, ask the best college essay writing service for help. You can safely entrust them with some of your assignments.

Well, let’s start packing for the exciting journey…

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