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Among the many activities that one can enjoy in Japan’s capital city of Tokyo is shopping. There are countless shopping malls and department stores in the area, which might make it difficult to decide where exactly to do your retail therapy. So to help you out, here is a list of the 10 best shopping malls and department stores in Tokyo (in no particular order) that are not only perfect for shopping but also offer other delightful activities!


Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store


With a rich history dating back to 1673, the flagship branch of Mitsukoshi in Nihombashi is said to be Japan’s oldest department store. The complex has two buildings and houses various high-end and luxury brands. Fun fact: The store’s main building was actually designated as an Important Cultural Property of Japan in 2016 owing to its beautiful architecture.

Nihombashi Mitsukoshi Main Store is only a minute’s walk from Mitsukoshimae Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza and Hanzomon Lines, a five-minute walk from Nihombashi Station on the Toei Asakusa Line, or a seven-minute walk from Shin-Nihombashi Station on the JR Sobu Line. If you are coming from Tokyo Station, you can also reach the store via a short 10-minute walk.


DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Odaiba Shopping DiverCity Tokyo Plaza

Credits: Sam Hig

Located on the artificial island of Odaiba in Tokyo Bay, DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is a large shopping, dining, and entertainment facility famously known for the Life-Sized Unicorn Gundam Statue standing right in front of it. The mall has seven floors, packed with Japanese and Western brands, a wide array of dining options, and even a ROUND1 on the 6th and 7th floors where you can go bowling, enjoy karaoke, etc.

It is also home to several interesting facilities such as UNKO MUSEUM (a poop-themed museum) and Zepp DiverCity (a music hall that serves as a venue for concerts).

DiverCity Tokyo Plaza is just a three-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line, or a seven-minute walk from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line.

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TOKYO Solamachi

Situated right at the base of the 634-meter-tall TOKYO SKYTREE in Sumida Ward is TOKYO Solamachi, another huge shopping, dining, and entertainment complex with over 300 shops and restaurants. If you are into Japanese video games, you will be glad to know that there is a Pokémon Center as well as a Kirby Café within the building.

tokyo solamachi skytree shopping3


tokyo solamachi skytree shopping2


Regardless if you are visiting TOKYO SKYTREE, TOKYO Solamachi is a great spot to spend the whole day as there are endless things to do here! You can find Sumida Aquarium on the 5th and 6th floors, Konica Minolta Planetarium “TENKU” on the 7th floor, and Postal Museum Japan on the 9th floor.

TOKYO Solamachi is directly connected to Tokyo Skytree Station on the Tobu Skytree Line, and to Oshiage Station on the Tobu Skytree, the Tokyo Metro Hanzomon, and the Toei Asakusa Lines.



Odaiba Shopping Aqua City Odaiba

Credits: Dick Thomas Johnson

Odaiba Japan Aqua City

Credits: IQRemix

Another mall in Odaiba, AQUA CiTY ODAIBA is a shopping complex facing the area where the Odaiba Statue of Liberty and the Rainbow Bridge are located. Visitors will find themselves greeted by a wide variety of stores and restaurants, as well as a movie theater for those who want to catch a film. Believe it or not, there is even a Shinto shrine on the 7th floor roof of this mall!

AQUA CiTY ODAIBA is just a minute’s walk from Daiba Station on the Yurikamome Line, or a six-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line.


Sunshine City

Ikebukuro Shopping Sunshine City

Credits: Ikebukuro Marui

Opened in 1978, Sunshine City in the district of Ikebukuro has about 175 shops and restaurants. However, it is not just a place for shopping and dining as the complex is also home to the indoor theme park NAMJATOWN, the Sunshine Aquarium, Konica Minolta Planetarium “MANTEN”, the Ancient Orient Museum, and the SKY CIRCUS Sunshine 60 Observatory! The newly opened Gashapon Department Store that boasts 3,000 capsule toy machines is also located here.

Sunshine City is a three-minute walk from Higashi-Ikebukuro Station on the Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line, or an eight-minute walk from Ikebukuro Station on several JR and subway lines.


Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku

Apart from its famous kaleidoscopic entrance, Tokyo Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is also an architectural piece of art.

Well known for its mirrored escalator entrance (aptly called the “kaleidoscope”) that everyone has already probably seen on social media, Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is a shopping mall situated right in the heart of the Omotesando/Harajuku area.

Aside from the stylish shops and cafes you can find here, the rooftop garden on the building’s 6th floor is another reason as to why people frequent this place. Named Omohara Forest, the spacious rooftop brings greenery to the middle of a busy urban city where you can hang out and relax after a long day of shopping.

Tokyu Plaza Omotesando Harajuku is a minute’s walk from Meiji-jingumae Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda and Fukutoshin Lines, or a seven-minute walk from Omotesando Station on the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda, Hanzomon, and Ginza Lines.

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Part of the Palette Town complex, VenusFort is another shopping mall that can be found in Odaiba, but what makes this place unique is that its interior was designed to resemble a medieval European town. Once you walk in, you will notice that the ceilings are painted to look like the sky, making it seem like you are outdoors in Italy. The mall has three floors: Venus FAMILY on the 1st floor, Venus GRAND on the 2nd, and Venus OUTLET on the 3rd.

Odaiba Japan Venus Fort

Credits: RynseOut

Since it is in the same complex as teamLab Borderless, VenusFort can be a great stop before or after your visit to the popular digital art museum.

VenusFort is directly connected to Aomi Station on the Yurikamome Line, or a three-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line.


Shibuya Mark City

Shibuya Shopping Mark City

Credits: Mitch Altman

Right in front of Shibuya Crossing is the shopping mall Shibuya Mark City. Its lower floors are filled with various stores and restaurants, while the higher floors of the west building serves as an office, and the higher floors of the east building is home to Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu.

It is pretty easy to reach Shibuya Mark City as it is directly connected to Shibuya Station, which is accessible through many different train lines.


Isetan Shinjuku

Shinjuku Shopping Isetan

Credits: Kanegen

Isetan Shinjuku is the flagship store of the Isetan Department Store chain and was originally built in 1933. In 2013, it was renovated to have a more modern look while still retaining its old charm. The nine-story main building has stores for women, and another nine-story building has stores for menmaking up about 60 brands in total. The department store’s 7th floor roof also has a garden with a large patch of lawn where you can relax and soak up some sun.

Isetan Shinjuku is accessible via Shinjuku Station, Shinjuku-sanchome Station, Seibu-Shinjuku Station, and Shinjuku-nishiguchi Station.

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DECKS Tokyo Beach

And last on our list, but definitely not the least, is DECKS Tokyo Beach in Odaiba. In addition to the many shops and restaurants in this ship-themed shopping mall are the many indoor theme parks and museums that are sure to be fun for all agesTokyo Joypolis, LEGOLAND Discovery Center Tokyo, Madame Tussauds Tokyo, Tokyo Trick Art Museum, Daiba 1-chome Shoutengai, and the Odaiba Takoyaki Museum. From the Seaside Deck, you can see a breathtaking view of Tokyo Bay, with the Rainbow Bridge and the Odaiba Statue of Liberty.

DECKS Tokyo Beach is about a three-minute walk from Odaiba-kaihinkoen Station on the Yurikamome Line, or a seven-minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station on the Rinkai Line.

Odaiba Shopping Decks Tokyo Beach

Credits: Dick Thomas Johnson

After having read this article, you are now more informed about the best shopping malls and department stores in Tokyo where you can do some serious shopping, dining, and other fun things. If you are a foreign visitor to Japan, make sure to also take advantage of tax-free shopping in the places mentioned above.

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