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Japan has a rich history and culture. People around the world love the country for numerous reasons. The nation is famous for its art and many other creative global contributions. Their unique style of filmmaking produces beautiful movies to watch when high.

This list contains entries ranging from dramas and horrors to anime and comedies. Prepare for hours of entertainment and stock up on bud from bulk autoflower seeds and other variants. These films are worth multiple rewatches, as each viewing unearths more subtle artistic touches.

Read on and discover five great Japanese movies to watch while stoned.


Spirited Away

In Japanese cinema, anime receives “high art” status, just like live-action movies. The rest of the world is catching on as the popularity of this category grows.

Spirited Away is a masterpiece by the legendary director and animator Hayao Miyazaki. Many consider this the most captivating Japanese film, transcending all genres.

The story of a young girl trapped in a realm of strange spirits is beyond a simple synopsis. This film transports the audience into a world of mysterious beauty. It’s visually stunning and captures your emotions. The brilliant musical compositions complete this masterpiece.

Spirited Away is among the top Japanese movies and rivals the best films from any country or genre. A few puffs of quality weed could enhance the immersive experience.


The Hidden Fortress

Akira Kurosawa is arguably the most outstanding director of all time, regardless of nationality. His career spans six decades, with over 30 movies before his passing in 1998. He was the first Japanese filmmaker to receive global acclaim for his cinematic achievements in the 1950s.

Kurosawa’s body of work includes numerous masterpieces worthy of this list. His revolutionary films, such as Roshoman (1950) and Seven Samurai (1954), are all worth watching. These movies are phenomenal under any conditions, but a little buzz heightens the experience.

The Hidden Fortress (1958) is among his best films and more accessible than others. It’s perfect for inviting someone to watch Japanese movies for the first time. This work of art is on the list for more than its pioneering cinematography.

Many believe there’s strong evidence this film is the direct source for the plot of Star Wars. George Lucas admits to drawing inspiration, but some feel it borders on stealing. Why not light up some herb, watch both movies, and see if you think royalties are due?

The Hidden Fortress is an astonishing film considering its year of release, and it still holds up today. Kurosawa lives on through his timeless art, and he tops most lists of the greatest Japanese movie directors.


Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle is another extraordinary creation by Hayao Miyazaki. This film is possibly the only other selection from the director’s brilliant catalog that rivals Spirited Away.

Some fans see Howl’s Moving Castle as the superior of the two films. The story is entirely different, but Miyazaki’s trademark style shines throughout this movie. Stunning hand-drawn animation, beautiful music, and emotional depth captivate the viewer.

Miyazaki sets the benchmark for Japanese fantasy movies, and Howl’s Moving Castle is the favorite of many. This heartwarming and immersive world is even more beautiful while high.

The director gets two entries on this list for excellent reasons. Miyazaki captures the hearts and minds of millions through his work. A museum in Tokyo acknowledges and honors his artistic accomplishments.


One Cut of the Dead

One Cut of the Dead from 2017 is Japan’s answer to the American b-movie genre of the 1980s. This zombie comedy is low-budget and highly funny, with an enormous cult following.

The movie is a modern throwback to classics like The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness, but with a Japanese twist. In many ways, this film is a better representation of Sam Raimi’s iconic style than most modern American attempts.

There’s no shortage of top Japanese horror movies. The country is famous for producing on-screen terror, making other scary films seem tame. Adding humor to the genre is difficult to execute with success.

The hilarity of this horror comedy is in the low production value, outlandish gore, and ridiculous acting. These ingredients make a great b-movie. Take a few tokes while watching One Cut of the Dead, and prepare for constant laughter.



The original Godzilla from 1954 is easily among the most famous Japanese movies of all time. This iconic Kaijū (a film about enormous destructive beasts) is legendary.

Godzilla is more than just a movie. The infamous creature has become pop culture folklore, much like King Kong.

Both monsters now exist as fictional rivals, and numerous films create stories around them battling. Their eternal war provides hilariously silly movies to watch when high.

The cultural relevance of Godzilla is enough to justify watching it. Spark up and blaze while this fiend breathes fire across cities. This sci-fi horror is terrifying if you imagine the public in 1954 seeing this movie. The film also works as a hilarious modern-day comedy.


Enjoy These Japanese Gems With Weed

The films on this list are all marvelous. They have critical acclaim within Japan and on a global scale.

Why not watch these movies with weed to enhance the experience? Stock up and enjoy these Japanese gems while indulging in delicious ganja.

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