Living In Japan

Living in Japan - All You Need To Know To Enjoy Your Expat Life in Japan Well you made it here, congratulations! Living in Japan is an experience that is hard to encapsulate in words. It is beyond rewarding and rich but can also be extremely challenging as a foreigner. There is an infinite list of things “I wish I had known before I moved to Japan” and this list grows every single day, if not by the hour. Living in Japan - The Essential Tips As a foreigner we have many things to overcome here. Simple tasks such as going to the bank or grocery store are things we normally do without thinking become an absolute undertaking that require preparation and a degree of planning. There are so many social cues and cultural points that we miss and absolutely fail to abide by when we get here. Living in Japan doesn’t mean you have to give up your identity but it should go without saying that the more you assimilate and accept this new culture, the easier and, quite frankly, the more rewarding your life will be.  These, tips, or should I say, nuggets of knowledge will help you transition here and understand the sometimes more difficult parts of life in Japan. Renewing your residence card, changing your address, paying your bills and rent are much easier when done correctly the first time.  Living in Japan - The Language It should go without saying but all of this is easier if you speak Japanese, you will also get an  understanding of the culture by learning the language. There are nuances in the language that will inherently teach you about the culture that you absolutely, 100% can not understand by not speaking the language. We’ll give you tips on the best language schools in Tokyo as well  as throughout the country, self study tips and even groups that can help you boost your ability!  Living in japan can be and is, an incredibly fun, meaningful and life changing experience that doesn’t have to be as daunting as it seems! Follow this guide to living in Japan and start living with ease! 

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