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Japan is among one of the first countries to acknowledge digital currencies as a valid form of payment. Still, how and where can you spend your hard-mined crypto coins here?

In 2017, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin were classified as “assets” or “property” in Japan. The country also provided access to crypto ATMs in 2014. Now, several crypto firms such as bitFlyer, Liquid, and Coincheck, and digital assets firm such as Caica and Gaia opened their headquarters across Japan.

Even Prime Minister Fumio Kishida supported blockchain projects through a national strategy called “Cool Japan.” To show off Japanese innovation, the program will involve DAOs, Web3 technology, and NFTs.

Still, Japan is a largely cash-based country. Although there has been a rise in contactless payment options with cards like Suica and mobile apps in recent years, many places in the country still do not accept card payments, let alone cryptocurrencies.

While the options are quite limited, some places have taken to accepting several cryptocurrencies. Here are some of them.

Kama Sutra Karaoke Bar – Chuo

In the nightlife scene of Osaka, some bars have taken to accepting cryptocurrencies as payments. Kama Sutra Karaoke Bar offers the traditional Japanese snack bar experience but with English-speaking local and foreign staff. The bar has wallet addresses for crypto users to pay their orders with.
Open from 9 PM to the morning, the bar does not charge an entrance fee. Visitors are encouraged to select a song to pair with their drinks. The cosy space allows visitors to chat and practice both their English and Japanese.

Hackers Bar – Roppongi

Hackers Bar is the perfect place to spend an evening with fellow cryptocurrency enthusiasts from around the world. The hi-tech establishment is cosy with a relaxed atmosphere. It serves a list of cocktails named after computer programs, software, or errors. If you’re interested in ビットコインカジノのブログ, you might meet some likeminded people here.
According to the bar’s owner, Akihiro Nakao, the bar was intended to show live programming as entertainment. It hosts regular events related to tech, such as JavaScript nights on Fridays, Swift and Python nights, as well as English tech lectures.

T’s Kitchen – Roppongi

Also located in the Bitcoin capital of Japan, T’s Kitchen offers gluten-free traditional Japanese dishes. No wheat, barley, rye, or msg is used in their food and beverages. Their menu is also carefully labelled to inform customers of potential food allergies.
T’s Kitchen is popular due to its gluten-free gyoza and dumplings, which are hard to come by. If you want to check the place out, keep an eye out for the sign. The tiny space is tucked in the second floor of a building, so it’s easy to miss.

Mezzo Tokyo – Roppongi

When you find yourself in the Tokyo nightlife scene, come visit Mezzo Tokyo. The nightclub is divided into two floors, with the upstairs reserved for VIP reservations. With English-speaking staff and international DJs, the lounge is foreigners-friendly.
The bar offers a selection of food and beverages such as beer, pizza, and wine, which you can pay for with Bitcoin. The place is also conveniently located near the Roppongi metro station, so you can hop from the next bar to the other without worrying about commuting.

Bic Camera

Available across the country, the electronics and home appliances retailer is one of the best places to spend your cryptocurrency. With more than 40 stores throughout Japan, you will always find something to bring home with crypto.

Still, be aware that not every employee at the store knows how cryptocurrencies work. While any wallet will work as well with BitFlyer, you may run into problems. Keep your calm and the transaction will work out eventually as long as you have a strong internet connection.

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