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Big luxurious beds and ceiling to wall, open windows with extravagant views may be what first pops into your head when you consider a getaway but do not discount the small and windowless Japanese capsule hotels just yet.

Not a particularly large country and with an estimated population of 126 million sharing 70% mountainous region, the Japanese have mastered the art of saving space. Intelligent, compact creations are everywhere and every detail of design throughout the country has been made with efficient space saving purpose.

Capsule hotels are a perfect example of these innovative concepts. Whenever I travel around Japan I prefer to use the capsule hotels because they’re cheaper, offer more privacy than a hostel and I enjoy the clever strategies used to still allow these teeny tiny sleeping options to meet all of your needs.

Here are 7 great Capsule Hotels available in Osaka.


Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba


If you’re worried you’re sacrificing luxury by choosing a capsule hotel, then the cruise-like feel that ‘Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-Ship Osaka Namba’ innovatively created allows the perfect balance of capsule experience and extravagance.

Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba 2Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba 3

Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP Osaka Namba 1


The long corridors present each cabin as though you’re aboard a fancy ship and there are even two different types of rooms available. The ‘moderate cabins’ come fully equipped with a TV, built-in alarm system, built-in fan, a hanger and even a shelf for extra personal belongings.

The ‘deluxe cabins’, which are larger, offer a bigger sleeping area and even allow enough room for a small vanity desk and chair. Both rooms come with all bathroom amenities, room wear, slippers and hairdryers.

The alluring floral decorated lounge provides a beautiful relaxing area and the hotel offers a public sauna and bathhouse, with special charcoal treated body and hair wash, for guests to relax and refresh before taking on the chaotic city that is Osaka.

With all that and an ideal location close to ‘Dotonbori’, the most famous area in Osaka, the prices are more than worth the stay!

Prices: 3,000-6,000 a night
Location: Osaka, Naniwa-ku Minatomachi 2-2-14

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HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi

Culture and style

With the perfect combination of modern and traditional decor, this hotel is not only compact with space but also with experience. Each capsule room is far more spacious than expected and includes all amenities one could need.

HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi3HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi3

HOTEL Cargo Shinsaibashi3


The stylish interior design alone is enough of a reason to want to visit but the hotel also offers a cafe and a relaxing public bathhouse too. The location is beyond convenient as you are merely footsteps away from the bright lights, flashy billboards, shopping galore and all the takoyaki you could want in Dotonbori.

Prices: 3,000-6,000 a night
Location: Osaka, Chuo-ku Bakuromachi 2-6-3

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J Garden

Futuristic and frugal

Japan is well known for being technologically advanced, with a particular reputation for robots and all things futuristic and sci-fi seeming which is why the interior design of this capsule hotel is quite alluring. The dark and shiny walls full of pod shaped beds give this hotel a spaceship feel that will add to the fun of your stay.

Capsule Hotel J Garden Shin-Osaka2

Capsule Hotel J Garden Shin-Osaka1


Along with all necessary bathroom amenities, TVs in each pod, ample amounts of storage space and gender separated floors, there is also an available wellness centre complete with a relaxing spa.

The location is convenient as it’s only a 1 minute walking distance to the nearest station, ideal for guests bringing a larger amount of luggage and it’s only a 10 minute ride from Umeda, home of the iconic Hep5 Ferris wheel.

Price: 3000
Location: 532-0002 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Yodogawa-ku Higashimikuni 4-2-13, Japan

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The Rock

Cheap and on the go

For anyone traveling to Osaka for a quick stay while hoping to pick up a new experience on the way, this is the optimal capsule hotel as it’s cheap, convenient and even comes with breakfast.




All amenities are available meaning you may not even need to pack for your stay. Each floor has a dierent concept design meaning a bit of an extra awe during your visit and Namba shrine is only walking distance away meaning no matter how short on time you are, you can still fit in some sightseeing.

Prices: 2000-3000
Location: 550-0012 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Nishi-ku Itachibori 1-9-35, Japan

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Capsule & Spa Grand Sauna Shinsaibashi

Healthful and great for meeting people

This capsule hotel is only mere steps away from the iconic Glico Running man in Dotonbori, not to mention many drinking hotspots perfect for meeting new people. Along with that, the hotel provides many comfortable communal areas such as the gaming lounge or restaurant.

Capsule Hotel J Garden Shin-Osaka2

Sakaihama Rakuten Onsen Shofuku 1


Each room is fully equipped with a TV, storage area and sockets allowing a comfortable stay. The hotel also offers many different types of massages, spa rooms and bath houses for guests who need some extra relaxation/recovery after enjoying a night out in Namba!

Prices: 3000 – 4500
Location: 542-0086 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo-ku Nishishinsaibashi 2-8-12, Japan

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Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi

Fantastic for Foreigners

This hotel is excited for everyone to get their first capsule experience and offers a discounted price to all visiting foreigners with a free souvenir to take home! It’s also located super close to the ‘American village’ which provides the most eccentric and original shopping available in the Osaka area.

Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi 3Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi 2

Capsule Hotel Asahi Plaza Shinsaibashi 1


The capsule pods come complete with all necessary amenities and of course, a TV. It’s easily accessible, not too expensive and the price includes access to the hotel’s public bathhouse and sauna.

Prices: 2500-3500
Location: 542-0086 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo-ku Nishishinsaibashi 2-12-22 , Japan

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Sakaihama Rakuten Onsen Shofuku

Intense relaxation

This unbelievably stylish and modern capsule hotel is located a little bit further outside the hustle and bustle of the main city, allowing for a calm and relaxing stay.

Capsule Hotel J Garden Shin-Osaka2Sakaihama Rakuten Onsen Shofuku 1Along with comfortable pods to sleep in, this hotel provides guests with an abundance of choice when it comes to saunas, hot springs, massages and relaxation rooms. The restaurant inside serves traditional Japanese cuisine while providing the opportunity to sit and gaze at the Sea views from the terrace.

The decor is unique, modern, unusual and varies throughout the hotel, keeping guests at ease and immersed as they unwind and wonder around in their fresh pajamas before nestling into their comfortable little sleeping holes.

This is one of the few children friendly capsule hotels and is only a 20 minute drive to Universal Studios Japan and even less further away from a round 1 centre where families can enjoy gaming and bowling together.

Prices: 3500 – 4500
Location: 590-0901 Osaka Prefecture, Sakai, Sakai-ku Chikkoyawatamachi 1-1 Sakaihama Seaside Stage, Japan

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Sakaihama Rakuten Onsen Shofuku 2


Perhaps the beds aren’t big and the windows aren’t ceiling to floor, open or actually, existent but to admire the unique and clever design alone is a great reason to stay in a capsule hotel. They will always come with all the necessary washing amenities, slippers and usually even sleep wear. They’re not only a different way to sleep, they’re also incredibly convenient especially for quick or sudden nights away.

Once over the initial gimmick of staying, if fear of missing out on a more comfortable stay is preventing you from the experience, I hope these 7 options available in Osaka have changed your mind. All hotels offer English speaking services too and staff will always be as helpful as possible ensuring you a great stay in Osaka.

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An Irish girl, living and working in Osaka. Kat came to Japan expecting to stay a year and 3 years later, has no plan to leave after falling in love with the culture and beauty of the country. She’s passionate about writing, travel, fitness and new experiences.