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Japan is known for being one of the most ethnically homogenous countries in the world. But it also has a surprisingly small Jewish population, only about 2,000 people or approximately 0.0016% of Japan’s population. 

As a result, few Japanese Jews know much about their heritage or culture. To remedy this problem and further educate Jewish youth about their religion, there are several Jewish educational programs available for Japanese Jews to attend. 

Here are our top recommendations:


Jerusalem Fellowships

Jerusalem Fellowships is an organization that provides a program for Japanese Jews to learn and study Hebrew, Judaism, and Israeli culture. The program is located in Israel, so participants need to be able to speak fluent Japanese if they want to take advantage of this opportunity, although there are some exceptions.

This program teaches Hebrew and Jewish history as well as general education about Israel. It’s great for anyone who wants to live in Israel or work with Israelis regularly.


Masa Israeli For a Japanese Jew

Masa Israeli is a program that sends young adults to Israel for an immersive experience. The program is designed to help participants connect with their Jewish identity, which is just what a Japanese Jew would need. 

The application process for Masa Israel requires applicants to write a personal essay about why they want to participate in the program and respond to questions about why they would like to live in Israel.

Because Masa Israel does not have age restrictions, it’s possible for people of all ages who are interested in learning more about Judaism and exploring their Jewish roots or heritage to apply for this program.


Hebrew Language Immersion For a Japanese Jew

According to World, 6.1 million people speak Hebrew globally as their mother tongue.

Hebrew language immersion programs are available for all levels of Hebrew learners. Short-term and long-term programs are offered, as well as options in Israel or other countries around the world. The program covers everything from basic Hebrew language skills to learning how to read Torah scrolls.

It’s a great way to learn Hebrew in Israel, where you can immerse yourself in the culture and prepare for life there. It also offers many opportunities for travel beyond Israel, making it an excellent choice for a Japanese Jew exploring different parts of the world while also learning about Judaism.


Jewish Studies

Jewish Study is a program that focuses on the study of Jewish language and culture. It is an excellent way for students to learn about their heritage, but it also helps them learn about other cultures because Hebrew has been around for thousands of years. So it’s very important in different parts of the world. 

Many programs are available to help Japanese students learn about Jewish culture.


Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies

If you are interested in a pluralistic yeshiva located in Jerusalem, Pardes is the place for you. The school offers a variety of programs including Jewish Studies and Rabbinical Studies. 

Their two campuses are located in Jerusalem and New York City. Pardes also provides a variety of study abroad programs so you can get that “minyan” experience while studying abroad.

As reported in The Jerusalem Post, the institute celebrated its jubilee year in 2022, marking its 50 years as one of the premier educational institutes in Israel.


Israel Experience

If you are looking for a good way to get a first-hand experience of Israel, then the Israel Experience program is one of the best options available. This program takes participants on an extended trip through some of the most important sites in Israel. 

One month is spent learning about Israeli culture and history while exploring some of its diverse landscapes. The trip includes visits to major cities like Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, as well as smaller towns such as Safed and Akko that have rich Jewish histories. 

The program also includes time for personal exploration at each location so that participants can make connections between what they are learning about Israeli history and how it applies to their own lives back home in Japan.



We hope this article has helped you choose the best educational program for yourself. The first step is to research what options are available and narrow down the list of schools that are right for you. Then, think about what type of learning environment will be best suited to your needs before making a final decision. 

With so many great Jewish educational programs out there, we’re confident you’ll find one that suits you just right.

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