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Every anime lover has a favorite character and genre. If you love the fighters, you will get a kick out of buying a replica of their anime sword and adding it to your collection. There are multiple options out there, but not all of them are original. This article is for you if you want a high-quality product that will make a lasting impression among your fellow anime friends.


10 Manga Katanas for Anime Lovers

The list below contains ten katanas for your collection:


Sasuke Katana

Are you a fan of Sasuke Uchiha? Get a piece of this member of the Uchiha clan by adding the Sasuke Katana to your collection. This sword is a direct replica of the fictional one you see in anime. It is a handmade katana made from the finest materials. The blade is carbon steel, the guard is sculpted iron, and the handle is crafted from iron menuki. You can get the Naruto series replica for less than $300.


Tokito Muichiro Katana

This is a favorite among Demon Slayer fans. It is the personal katana of Muichiro Tokito, a demon slayer named Hashira with special abilities beyond fighting. Handcrafted by swordsmen with years of experience, the 40.5-inch katana is a great option. Without the handle and guard, however, the blade itself is 29.5 inches long. The sharpened blade is 1.2 inches wide and 0.30 inches thick. The Tokito Muichiro Katana costs between $250 and $300.


Trafalgar Law Katana

Also known as the “Surgeon of Death,” Trafalgar D. Water Law is one of the most fascinating anime characters in history. His Katana, Trafalgar Law, can be purchased online or at an in-person collector store. The original product is made of carbon steel and has a lacquered wood scabbard made of imitation stingray leather. Whether you want the sharpened or unsharpened blade, the size specifications are the same. It is also within the $250 to $350 price range.


Michikatsu Tsugikuni Katana

Michikatsu, the twin brother of Yoriichi, is a demon who used to be a human in the Demon Slayer Corp. While his combat style is moon breathing, Michikatsu Tsugikuni has a katana that you can buy for $300 to $350. The handle is made of two bamboo mekugi, and the guard is designed with high-quality sculpted iron. Its 1060 carbon steel blade has anti-corrosion properties, so you can rest assured that it will remain smooth and fine for as long as you have it. It is one of the more expensive luxury katanas on the market.


Katana Giyu Tomioka

Giyu Tomioka, the current Water Hashira for Demon Slayer Corp., is a great team member. He is known for being the only member of the Corp that was able to convince Tanjiro to join the organization. His sword, the Katana Giyu Tomioka, is slightly curved in the middle. It has a dotted iron menuki handle that is about 10.2 inches long. This real collection item is handmade and can be purchased for around $250 to $300 from an experienced swordsman.


Wado Ichimonji Katana

If you are a fan of Roronoa Zoro, you will want a replica of the Wado Ichimonji Katana in your collection. As one of the 21 Great Guard Swords, Wado Ichimonji Katana will be a priceless addition to your collection as an anime fan. Like the one in the anime, this sword is pure white with a slight bend toward the blade’s tip. The blade is partially gray, and the band near the handle is gold. For about $230 to $300, you can buy this 1060 carbon steel blade and its accessories.


Sanemi Shinazugawa Katana

Have you ever seen Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba? If you have, you know that Sanemi Shinazugawa was a major supporting character in the show. His katana has a green blade and a black and white handle. The sheath is black but has a unique white design. It is perfect for anyone who loves having colorful swords as part of their collection. You can buy one for about $280 to $300, depending on where you buy it.


Ame no Habakiri Katana

The Ame no Habakiri is another one of the 21 Great Swords, and many top anime characters like Kozuki Oden, Kozuki Sukiyaki, and Kozuki Momonosuke in different eras have used it. It is also a colorful option, as the blade is purple with golden designs at the edge. The handle is made of two bamboo mekugi, but it is white and golden colored, unlike the purple blade. The crossguard is made of sculpted iron, and the blade is 0.30 inches thick. You will need at least $280 to buy one for your collection.


Zoro Katana

Your katana collection is not complete if you do not have a Zoro Katana. The sword belongs to Roronoa Zoro, a star in the One Piece franchise. Even if you cannot use Zoro’s amazing abilities, you can have a piece of his power by purchasing the Zoro Katana. Zoro’s katana is black, red, and golden colored. The base of the blade is black, but there are flower-like red designs on the blade and the handle. For about $250 to $280, you can add this sword to your collection.


Enma Katana

Enma is another of the 21 great swords in the One Piece franchise. It is one of the most difficult swords to master because it drains the haki of the user as they try to master it. Like the one in the franchise, the collector’s item is dark lilac with a touch of purple, gold, and red. It is one of the most beautiful of the 21 great swords, and you can opt for either the sharpened or unsharpened blade. The sheath is made of lacquered wood, and the guard is made of sculpted iron. You can buy the Enma katana for about $250 to $270.



Owning an anime katana collection is one of the best ways to embrace your position as a true fan. You do not need to go directly for a luxury katana sword. You can start with a low- to mid-range option and work up to something more expensive as your collection grows. Make sure you patronize the right seller with knowledge of anime swordsmanship.

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