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Technology has come a long way. From keeping manual complicated maps with you while traveling to letting Google tell you where to turn and where to stop, the world of the internet has made our lives quite easy. It would not be a stretch to say that technology has completely revolutionized and transformed the way we do things and that too in countless ways.

What’s more, this innovative technology has made traveling easier, cheaper, and safer. However, in order to take complete advantage of it, you need to download a few important and must-have apps on your smartphone before hitting the road.

In this article, we have put together a list of all those applications that will make traveling an enjoyable experience for you.

But, before you hop on the plane or start your car, make sure you are well-equipped with all the necessary things such as an internet connection. It is a prerequisite for using and downloading travel-related apps. However, the thing is, you may not get reception everywhere you go, which means, mobile data is sort of out of the picture.

Don’t worry, Xfinity has got you covered. If you are a subscriber of this Internet Service Provider (ISP), then you must already know about its on-the-go WiFi facility. It gives you access to 20 million hotspots around the country. If you are not a subscriber, then don’t wait any longer and contact Xfinity customer service to get yourself a plan that suits your internet needs and travel necessities.



Inarguably, one of the best traveling apps you can download on your phone. Roadtrippers is the app you go to if you want to get all the travel-related planning done seamlessly. The app allows you to add more than seven waypoints and that too for free. If you have a Roadtrippers Plus account, then you can add up to 150 waypoints.

It also allows you to learn about all the best and most exciting stops along the way while collaborating with your friends and family.

What’s more, it also gives you details about the hidden yet amazing places that are yet to discovered. Plus, you can get information on some of the best and underrated hotels.



Do you want to some more money on gas? Well, don’t wait any longer, and download GasBuddy before you start the engine. This incredible app gives you details on every gas station near you. The best part is, that you can actually manage to get some of the cheapest deals by simply going through all the listed nearby gas stations.

We all love the feeling of satisfaction when we find out we have gotten ourselves a good and cheap deal. This is just more reason to download this amazing app that helps you save some extra cash so you can make your trip a bit more enjoyable.



If you are one who is down for camping at all times but doesn’t know where you can find free campsites across the country, then you are in for a treat!

iOverlander is the app frequent campers often have on their phones since it gives you extensive information on discovering campsites across the USA (and sometimes on international routes) that are free of any cost.

This app is particularly best for people who are planning to be road-tripping to rather more remote locations such as Southwest Utah.



Waze is said to be one of the most popular navigation apps due to its several features. You can get real-time updates through this app which actually helps you in avoiding rush hours, traffic jams, construction sites, and multiple such obstacles that can spoil your journey.

Waze allows you to navigate through unfamiliar roads and streets as if you have been living there for years. The reason why we have included it in this list is that it immediately gets into action saving you from getting stuck in places by instantly changing your route.

In addition to this, it is completely free for you to use, which means you can download it on your devices (iOS and Android) right now.



You might have planned every stop you would be making on your trip, however, unexpected stops are part of any trip. But in such a case, you would need to stay at a hotel and last-minute reservations may look a bit tricky.

Don’t worry, HotelTonight has got your back. This app will help you find some of the best deals on hotels in your area in no time. It has more than 1,000 properties you can choose from cities all over the world.

This means you no longer have to put up with the frustration of sleeping in your car because apparently, every hotel seemed to be overbooked.


Closing Thoughts

Traveling is all fun and exciting, however, there are some challenges that come with it. To eliminate any and all, we suggest you download the apps we have mentioned in this app. Whether it is navigating through the roads or finding a decent room to stay, these applications will make your trip a whole lot better and smoother.