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Welcome! Your Japan seeks blog authors. You are invited to submit articles in the following categories:

Travel – Travel tips and guides.
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Lifestyle – Articles about life in Japan as a tourist or an expat.
Food – Articles about Japanese Food.

While we do not pay for submissions, authors of articles and blogs receive the notoriety of being published on Your Japan website as well as the opportunity to share their travel experience.

Guidelines for writing for Your Japan

  • Content should be well-written, informative.
  • Content should be unique (i.e., not previously published).
  • Content should be focused on Japan (through one of four categories)
  • Articles ideally should be between 700 and 1200 words.
  • Content should not be vehicles for self-promotion. Links to authors and their own blog (if relevant) are included in their bio.


How it works

Authors can submit articles as Microsoft Word or Pages attachments by email to Your work will be reviewed and edited by our editorial team, whose objective is to make your article — and you — shine. By submitting an article, the author gives exclusive worldwide publishing rights to the article for 30 days, beginning the first day the article is published on the website. After 30 days, Your Japan retains non-exclusive rights to articles published on the website.